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Posting a complaint on would be an admission that you've had enough, and are ready to take the fight to the corrupt and the powerful. Before today, unfortunately, there were hardly any platform which were conducive for online activism, revelation, whistleblowers and exposé. The governments, and the rich and powerful were always stamping down on free speech, while their legal arsenal ensured that a common citizen thinks twice before raising their voice against injustice. 

With the emergence of organisations and initiatives like TOR, EFF, FightfortheFuture, Internet Defense League, Public Citizen and Riseup , there have been significant progress made in the right direction. The power of the internet, social media and crowdforcing can come together and achieve great things. We hope to see that on NAS. 

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Do you have a story to tell? Do you have information or suggestion or a comment to make? Now's your chance :)

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Once you submit a complaint, it might take time, but eventually will be noticed enough to raise eyebrows. Bring to boil and let it simmer....

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Before we sought truth. Now we seek justice.

Since we never take down any content from NAS, the truth shall hit hard every day, every minute, every second, until action is taken.