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3rd Feb, 2022

Beware of Fred Jalal and Elena Bajic

We have all had bad experiences with IvyExec.

I would encourage everyone to do a deep web search, as it appears newer reviews are suspiciously turning from F to A+, one star to four or five stars. I cannot tell whether they are genuine or not.

It appears Malek Fred Jalal founded the IvyExec.

Malek Jalal just served five years in prison for money fraud. With probation, I think the laws force him to pay back his millions of dollars of restitution fines, or he goes back in prison.

I see a bunch of legal cases, such as:

“Malek Jalal Incarceration”
“Malek Jalal Unity Fuels”
“United States Versus [Malek] Jalal”
“Malek Jalal Versus Elena Bajic, Ivy Exec”
“”Securities and Exchange Versus Bajic”

As disclaimer, I do not know all the facts. There may be far more legal matters, and some of the people at the top may be innocent of allegations.

In all this, it looks like IvyExec and its top people have had some consequences. Hopefully, in the end, everything will even out, and people will get fair treatment.

I am very careful to show skepticism. I hope we all do our own research before we make decisions.

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