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Anna Kelly
22nd Apr, 2016

Avoid Jason Bond Picks

Jason Bond, who is a former elementary school teacher, is a loud motivational speaker who acts as a guru and claims to be a financial genius, teaching people how to be wealthy, like him. He promises people to achieve certain success and gain a lot of money just by purchasing his trade alert services and benefiting from his experience and knowledge in the field. He promises his subscribers to be taught how to master the market and gain substantial profits. 

He does make a lot of money indeed, not only through selling merchandise and videos to interested inexperienced learners but through two main services that he offers: Jason Bond Stock Picks and Jason Bond Picks Millionaire Roadmap. Jason Bond Picks is a subscription-based alert service. The subscription includes: up to 10 trade alerts per week via e-mail and text, buy and sell alerts, daily watch-lists, full access to his educational suite, and long-term trading plays. In addition to that, he offers an active stock trading chat room on the internet. What Jason Bond does is that he sends alerts to his subscribers when he notices a winning play. The alert gives information on the stock to be purchased, the price target, and the duration of holding the position. Then, the subscriber receives a sell alert that gives information on when and what price the trade should be ended, when the position is not undervalued anymore.


Jason Bond Picks: to be Trusted? 

Now, the most important question is: should one trust Jason Bond Picks and invest time, money, and effort in order to achieve what Jason Bond claims to have achieved?

Well, first of all, Jason Bond and his program have a huge lack of transparency which is key to maintaining the trust of the public, and the lack of it can have devastating effects which often leave a permanent stain on a company or a brand’s image, according to crisis communication experts. 

Jason Bond’s stock-picking service does not offer a free trial which means that the subscribers have no choice but pay an amount of money and get involved after being manipulated by Jason Bond and his ads to trust him. What is more, there is a strict no refund policy. The interested subscribers then might lose their money without being able to claim any refunds, and no samples are given before purchase. You only have to take the risk and jump into it. This negatively touches the credibility of the service. 

In addition to that, when it comes to Jason Bond Picks Millionaire Roadmap, the cost of the subscription is not disclosed. To get the information about the pricing, it is necessary to get in touch with his team. It’s all behind the scenes. 

What is more, his far too simplistic approach seems too good to be true. His discussions are very often centered around his new expensive car, the large number of his students that succeeded to gain money and buy expensive cars thanks to him. His lack of knowledge is displayed through the style in which he promotes his services. Just looking at his videos, one can certainly notice how he is trying very hard to sell himself, attract people, or plainly said, to fool them. 

In an attempt to assemble a perfect reputation, Jason Bond sent a promotional e-mail to potential subscribers declaring that he was invited to Harvard business school to speak.


It was proven later on that the video he posted was fake. Unfortunately, many people believed this charlatan. The video was staged and the people who contributed were just a bunch of actors who were paid to play the role. Jason Bond was caught red-handed lying to all of his subscribers and potential clients about the Harvard invitation. Where are ethics?! All of this was filmed for the money, and it should be regarded as a criminal act. 

Alan Garber, the Provost from whom the invited people receive permission to give speeches at Harvard, has never heard of Jason Bond. He confirmed that Jason Bond has never been invited to Harvard. In addition to that, the executive director of the Harvard Trademark who oversees the office responsible for protecting and licensing Harvard’s Trademarks throughout the world, Mr. Rick Calixto, revealed that the Harvard logo in the Jason Bond’s video was fake. And this is very clear thanks to a mistake that is be easily spotted in the new copy. This proves that the person who faked the motto is not only dishonest but unintelligent as well. He is ignorant enough to add the word “Negotio” which is not mentioned in the original Harvard Motto.

The logo on the right is the fake one used by the team that Jason Bond used to lie on the audience. The one on the left is the original logo that belongs to Harvard.

This attempt to lie on people for the sake of whitening his page is a great indicator that he should not be trusted whatsoever. His image has become even darker.


The audience doesn’t lie: Bought or authentic?

A good friend of mine named Nicolas was tempted by Jason Bond’s extraordinary success stories. He was, of course, touched by the story of this man who was a poor and broke teacher that let his beautiful wife down. This story has always been mentioned by him whenever he addressed his audience. Nicolas trusted Jason Bond once and decided to embark on the ‘becoming-rich’ journey, as he named it. I was not even aware of his existence back then as I was not very active on social media.


I encouraged my friend to pursue his dream, nonetheless. 

He ended up losing $1.600 for spending them to get the alerts to trade options. According to my friend, their alerts contained wrong information. My friend felt betrayed and was very mad especially because of the non-refund policy. Unfortunately, my friend fell prey. And seeing my friend suffer made me suffer as well. The evil spread like a plague for the sake of money, disturbing the peace not only of one person but of the people surrounding him as well. We were poor students at that time, so the money he lost was a big deal for us. 

Nicolas was not the only one: Jason Bond with his convincing style that drew dreams and created hope for a better future charmed people. Most of his victims, though, are inexperienced traders, the elderly, and foreign traders. 

On, a user posted on the site an issue with her 57-year-old mother. This latter has been wasting her money on online frauds without knowing the truth about where her money goes. She has wasted a total of $4.500 on online lessons that claim to help people learn about stock trading and achieve success without possibilities of failure. The woman was recently caught by her daughter paying $3k towards Jason Bond Picks, at the end of last December. The conscious daughter explained to her mother that what she has been doing is foolish, for the services that promise wealth are but scammers whose aim is to steal the money of inexperienced people, yet the mother insisted on paying again and again. The woman only has a total of $20k in liquid assets and $30K in retirement accounts. As we can see, the scammer managed to almost brainwash people; made them live in dreams of becoming wealthy and taking advantage of their naivety. And sometimes it goes beyond money and destroys family relationships. Not only that; the entire life and future of the victim can be strongly affected. What if this 57-year-old woman loses all her money and ends up old and poor! This fraud is mercilessly destructive.

Another victim describes his experience with Jason Bond Picks, saying that he wonders even how he could last for more than 5 months giving the program a chance. It was one of the big disappointments of his life. He tried Jason Bond’s services for a duration of six months and did not even know how he could endure his nonsense all that time. It was a painful experience for him. He revealed that Jason Bond does not even treat his subscribers equally! Whoever pays more gets more attention. For instance, if a follower does not join the Millionaire Road Map service which costs a considerable amount of money ($8.000), Jason Bond will not even be interested in the subscriber, will not provide help and will only ask him/her to watch his videos that are full of lies. What’s more, he straightforwardly lies to the audience: he often mentions in his videos that he is giving away a Porsche, while in reality, he is giving away a lease to a Porsche, and he is good at hiding that in his website or videos. 

In addition to that, the victim highlights that Jason Bond never shares his account statements. He shares only his trading log. Well, I can say that I made a lot of money in the last 6 months, and I ask you to check my Excel spreadsheets out. It is very convincing that the thought of everything being fake might not even come across your mind.  

This brings us back to the fundamental concept of transparency which clearly lacks. In addition to being an unauthentic person who cares only about money, he is a liar. 

So how does Jason Bond keep his reputation even though he has been exposed and the reality of him being a scam is known now? Well, it’s certain that the people praising him and trying to keep his reputation unscathed are not the ones who achieved success thanks to his alerts and advice. It is rather from purchasing people’s support. In other words, he pays anyone who is willing to praise his services and market them which explains a large number of positive comments about him and fake reviews. Nothing is authentic. It is basically a sort of acting the purpose of which is to fool people and trick them into resorting to Jason Bond’s services. It’s pure unethical manipulation. 

Most of these people who post positive comments about Jason Bond Picks use the same words and express the same ideas. All they do is that they change numbers: the number of months since first following Jason Bond, and the amount of money they gained. They are found almost everywhere on social media: YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc. The hilarious thing is that most of them have the same style of expressing their love and loyalty to Jason Bond. They were taught the same words which they memorized like robots and transmitted to people in the hopes of arousing their interest and manipulating them. Most of them start with the usual introduction of them talking about how lost and broke they were until they came across Jason Bond that wholeheartedly helped them to become rich. As a result, they are now making money and they recommend his services forever. Isn’t Jason Bond perfect?! oh my! Then why is there poverty now since Jason Bond Picks found the solution!!

This façade of biased feedback produced by liars cannot mask the dirty reality and true nature of Jason Bond Picks. 

I recently had a conversation with a 29-year-old novice trader who was impressed by the positive experiences and reviews that he stumbled upon online. He, then, decided to give it a go and signed up for Jason Bond picks for a period of three months. After following his trades for an entire week, he came to the conclusion that it was totally fake; fraud. According to his experience, the novice trader realized that there is absolutely no way that Jason Bond is truly making the money that he claims to be making. And even if he could make an incredible amount of money as he says, other people cannot and that’s because if the subscribers try to mimic his trades, it’s impossible to get it the same way as he does. The reason behind that is that by the time the subscribers get notified of his trades, he has been in and out, for the most part. The millions that he is making are undoubtedly off subscriber fees. The novice trader has learned not to trust dream-makers who do not hesitate to show off their money and lavish lifestyle. He says to the audience: “Don’t you ever make this huge mistake and sign up for the Millionaire Roadmap out of curiosity and optimism, you will be flooded and overwhelmed with e-mails all the time asking you why you did not sign up”.

When the new trader gave it a go and subscribed, he was not alone. Another one I knew subscribed as well, and even though he was a subscriber for a longer period than the novice trader, he eventually reached the same conclusion: The promises are not delivered whatsoever; a purely marketing machine. “Jason bond is only about building subscriptions’’, he said. He carried on “The level of coaching and teaching is extremely basic and I would venture to say nothing they do or teach is proprietary. You could learn this stuff yourself and save a lot of money.’’ What’s more, “Their claims of profits are very sketchy. Jason loses $60k playing options, you don’t hear a thing. If he makes $20k you get 20 emails.” Besides, “the number of members I talked to who were completely underwhelmed and even blew up their accounts was shocking’’. John ended up his intervention by saying “STAY AWAY”! 

Since I became familiar with Jason Bond Pricks, I was cognizant of its dishonorable nature and its purpose which is far from being noble. A program that claims to “help” people to become rich, while in reality, the main goal is to indirectly “steal” their money, taking advantage of the trust they put in Jason Bond’s services. 

This is a crime, and everyone should be aware of that. There is no magic, way to achieve wealth and prosperity. If this existed, nobody would suffer from poverty now! Therefore, most services that promise quick money-making are scams. 


Protect your hard-earned money by staying away from Jason Bond Picks.