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28th Jan, 2020

I bought Jason Bond Picks’ Course - I Hated It

Jason Bond Picks is the owner of Raging Bulls, a website which teaches you about day trading. He also sells courses on his own website which is Jason is selling crappy courses on his website and as a person who bought one of them, I don’t recommend buying them at all. 

I had bought the quarterly membership to Jason’s trading community which cost me $399. The product is called ‘Day & Swing Trading’. It’s a lot of money for something you don’t even get to try. But I had read its reviews online and I was fascinated by its popularity. 

I was always interested in day trading and Jason made it seem like it was way too easy. I got interested in his course and thought I should give it a try. I made a huge mistake by doing so.

The course and the membership were pathetic. They weren’t any useful. Jason’s course has a huge selling point of giving you regular alerts through SMS and email.

And to me, it was the main attraction. I was supposed to receive alerts related to penny stocks that trade between $1 and $10. But even though I was subscribed for 3 months, I never received an alert. I don’t know why this happened. It could be because of a technical fault or it could be possible that Jason is a big scammer. 

I didn’t get access to anything with that terrible membership. I had heard a lot of praises about the ‘education suite’ of Jason’s website. But to be honest, that was a significant disappointment as well.

The education suite used to crash most of the time, I don’t know why. They say the educational suite is filled with many courses and videos that can teach you everything about day trading. But when I visited it, there wasn’t much. 

I watched several videos present on the suite but they didn’t teach much. 

Jason’s website was a huge disappointment for me. I used his website for 2 months but even after spending so much time, I wasn’t able to find anything useful there. 

I wonder if his small course was such a waste of money then how horrible would be his more expensive ones. Jason sells memberships to his website that cost around $10,000 a year! 

That’s a lot of money for such a terrible course. Jason is selling useless crap and marketing it as if it’s some outstanding and valuable material. 

I am 100% sure that I got scammed by Jason’s website. If you take any interest in day trading and are planning to learn more about it, ignore Jason and his various companies. He would only waste your money and your time.