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8th Jan, 2022

Jason Whisenhunt from Cedar Hill Texas

I saw this on lots of websites to I am sharing. This is Jason Whisenhunt of Cedar Hill, Texas.This man plays with lots of women’s heads. He meets them online and then the games begin. He sleeps with them and drops them like they are nothing. He talks to other girls while dating them. He has a great story about his ex who cheated on him when he was talking to other girls all the time. He comes across as a decent guy , even in fb posts, until you start talking to him as a romantic interest. Then he starts sending all sorts of naked pics and starts in with the flirting and fake promises. He uses lots of drugs. One of the reason why he lost so much weight. Lives with his son who is a US Marine and doesn’t care that the drugs could cause his son to lose his job if he is caught in his home with them. He also loves doing freaky stuff in bed with his but such as having things jammed in it. He has a wired relationship with his dog. He lies a lot. He is a bit of a nerd but his lack of respect for women is disgusting. Be careful. He will act like he cares about you and drop you like you are nothing.

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