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24th Mar, 2022

Complaint against Jazeera airways

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing this email to file a complaint against your staff (Mr Ahmet albayrak and a lady under him which he refused to disclosed her name) at Istanbul airport and asking for a complete refund for my loss on missing a flight to India through Jazeera airways because of your staff negligency, ill behaviour and pathetic customer service. The whole incident is as described below.

Our flight number J9 302, was booked for 26th March,2022 from Istanbul airport to Mumbai Airport with a scheduled departure time of 2:15pm. My booking reference id is ODL2SH (J9) .

We were unable to board the flight due to your staff negligent in helping us completing the air suvidha form.

We were at the check in gate 2 hours well before our schedule departure time, where the staff asked us to complete air suvidha form and submit a print in hardcopy. We weren’t aware off this at first as we haven’t been asked before by anyone, not even during our trip from Mumbai, India to Turkey.

Furthermore, we are fully vaccinated and have all our documents readily available with us which is required as per the Indian government regulations for the travel.

After standing at the checkin counter que for 2 hours we were completing air suvidha forms as demanded by your staff there. While doing so firstly the website was taking so long in asking all the details which was already time consuming for people to complete while standing in the que and secondly the mobile data was just going off again and again which is further time consuming.

And lastly when we asked the lady Manager over the counter to fill the form on behalf of us she refused to fill it and was so disgraceful and negligent with her work, she just closed the counter in front of us saying time is up and you wont be allowed for the flight without communicating anything prior about closing the counter time.

It was between 1:15pm till 1:25 pm , we were requesting them, literally begging them to allow us to checkin, they refused us to take in, While allowing other customer to pass by completing the same formalities just ahead of us.

Every customer expects a good customer service from the airways staff. They should be very supportive in helping the customer to not miss their flight but here they purposely closed the checkin counter and did not allow us to board the flight saying incomplete documents, really?? If that was the case, we were not have been in turkey at the first place. Isn’t it?

We were on our 12 days honeymoon trip to turkey for the very first time, during our entire time here we had such a lovely experience and now at the end of our trip just because of your ill behaved staff we are having this worst experience.

Your Manager Mr Ahmet came and instead of finding a solution he closed the counter giving us with a doormat treatment. He did not even bother to seek assistance in helping for a quick solution to save us from missing our flight which was so important for us to board as we had other commitments too back in our country.

Just because of the air suvidha thing which is such a small thing to complete (which your staff have had helped us is completing) we had to miss our flight which was well planned by us in advance. Nobody bother to acknowledge us or to provide any alternate solution and not even your Manager which is so disgraceful, we had to rebooked our new flights from our own pocket, and is totally not acceptable, as its too much money for us considering our budget.

We are now waiting at the airport whole night untill our next flight as we dont have hotel booking to rest. We need a full compensation for all the trouble we are facing due to the negligence of your ground staff.

We feel so wronged and will never ever travel with Jazeera airways again and neither would recommend our family members and friends. We will definitely never forget this horrendous incident and if we do not get a full compensation and solution within 24 hours, we will share this incident all over the social media with all the documents, photos and videos of your staff. I hope you will find a solution to this issue on priority if you are really concerned about customer satisfaction.

Attached are all available travel documents.

Never ever again Jazeera airways!

Altamash khan

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