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Name and Shame



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25th Nov, 2022

Jeremiah Robles in Dumont NJ weird text messages

Jeremiah Robles from Dumont, New JerseyMessages of a Suggestive Nature
c from Dumont, New Jersey a self proclaimed "man of god" of sorts who goes under the net handle ManofGod2008. On many public posts on facebook and other social media he repeatedly mentions religious matters. Jeremiah Robles may have other motives or thoughts besides religion.
In the bible adulterous behavior looked down upon, however, Jeremiah Robles openly encourages a woman to be untruthful to her lover. In the message to the woman he openly recognizes she is taken when he says "just wanted to know because hopefully god willing your soon to be ex doesn't come after me" then later says "I want to kiss you to". This is showing that Jeremiah Robles of Dumont, NJ is aware she is taken and would like to perform an intimate act of kissing. Is this something a true "man of god" would say or do?
Another message Jeremiah Robles sent around October 4th, 2022 is a little more graphic. In this message he says "we would probably do more the just watch movies. If you want to" and then later asks if she should shave or bring protection. Again, please remember that he is self proclaimed "man of god" and has an online persona of someone who is extremely religious.
All in all, I feel as though Jeremiah Moses Robles may be putting up a front about his religious beliefs. After all his actions seen in the above messages would indicate he encourages adultery and intimacies before marriage.

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