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8th Jan, 2022

Julie Yvette Rodriguez dangerous violent

New York, beware ! This big walking turd Julie Yvette Rodriguez of Brooklyn NY is a dangerous, violent, racist, fat, piece of trash. She got arrested for the assault of an Asian couple in McCarren park ( New York ) and murder of their cat, the instagram famous pet Ponzu the cat , that she attacked with her gang of nasty evil obese family .
Her shitty 12 years old son , Jayden Diaz Rodriguez murdered Ponzu the cat in broad daylight. When Ponzu’s owners – a Thai woman and her boyfriend confronted the little sociopath and future serial killer , instead of apologizing, he ran to his family and played victim. His family of 8 evil obese shitbags began to verbally and physically abuse Ponzu the cat ’s owners and even attacked their other pets . The coward identified as Justin Lausell , an ugly midget claiming to be a gang member, is seen on the video attacking a small shiba inu, he also punched the tiny parrot and the man of the couple, breaking his nose.
The group of nasty evil fat piece of shits gang assaulted the Thai woman, yelling racist slurs at her which proves this was anti-Asian hate crime.
Then on facebook the attackers Julie Yvette Rodriguez ( mother of Ponzu’s murderer) and her brother Mark Anthony Machuca are making racist comments insulting the Asian heritage of Ponzu’s owner and mocking the cat’s death, which clearly proves that all of this, the murder of Ponzu the cat and the gang assault on his Asian owners, was totally intentionnal and a racist hate attack.

In addition to being a shitty mother ,Julie Yvette Rodriguez is also a tax cheat. She has a nail salon IG page called ”Julies_hot_nail designs ”, but neither her name or her business can be found in the NYS Department Licensing Verification for Appearance Enhancement. She is running that business without a license.

Give it a few years, and we’ll hear about her son Jayden Diaz Rodriguez again in the news. Little shit stains is a an evil psycho and future serial killer. On his IG and TikTok, before he deleted his profiles, he is already acting like a gang member. He’s sitting there throwing up gang signs, doing hand gun gestures and calling people racial/sexual slurs. The boy aspires to be in a gang and is emulating the Bloods gang , wearing all red and doing ”thug” talk.

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10th Jan, 2022
10th Jan, 2022

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