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17th May, 2022

Wreckless Auto Service

On 04/18/22 I took my Audi to Kwik Kar Valley Ranch in Irving TX for oil change. I brought my own oil filter, oil and air filter. They slapped me a bill of $114.40 for the labors that also included the drain plug part

On Friday evening 05/06/22 (~3 weeks after oil change), my Audi displayed the dreaded “oil running low warning” light on the dashboard. I adamantly thought this was a serious problem somewhere like gasket leak. So I took it to my trusted mechanics (Ruben’s All Auto Repair) immediately

On Monday 05/09/22 my trusted mechanics discovered the issue. The oil plug was missing the washer, causing the oil leaking!!! Apparently those Kwik Kar mechanics carelessly forgot to put the washer back when they done. My trusted mechanics had to special ordered the new washer, poured additional ~ 3 quarts of oil and cleaned all oil leaks that spilled under the car along the axle, etc. A bill of $175 to fix what Kwik Kar had damaged

Returning to Kwik Kwar, I initially was calm having conversation w the manager who claimed a new company is taking over Kwik Kwar. He mentioned this excuse several times. My angry rebuttal was pointing to his shirt, “what is the name of the company labeling on your shirt! It spells Kwik Kar, not new company.” He then claimed the Kwik Kar mechanics who worked that 04/18/22 weekend also messed up other cars including a Jaguar!!!! Bashing his own employees and said they were let go!!!

I pressed him about what he can right the wrong w the $114.40 messed up job? His response, “we cannot reimburse you. But we can give you free oil change if you come back next time”

1. “Y’all cost me $175 just now. Why would I want to come back for another whack job!”
2. “You telling me this verbally! How will the next manager I talk to in 10 months knows the deal you giving me?” Most absurd idiotic answer I heard in a long time, “I’ll be here when you come back!!!”

He also refused to give me store credit. He then wrote down a promised note about free oil change instead. Amateur management, wreck-less auto mechanics care!!! You just lost this customer for good

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