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2nd Feb, 2022

Please be cautious

I honestly never, ever leave online reviews. This is my first. But now that I am well past six months out from my Labiaplasty procedure with Dr. Lara Devgan, I felt inclined to share my story wherever I can.

Like any procedure, this was a highly personal one. It was something I put a LOT of thought into for many years before actually deciding on a surgeon and scheduling a surgery date. Despite all of that research, in the end I made a HUGE mistake. What was that mistake? Believing that the INSANELY inflated price Dr. Devgan presented to me and the INSANELY inflated and appealing social media presence she has indicated that she was more qualified than other surgeons.

Despite the insanely high prices here, this place treats you like a second class citizen all the way through. At least they did me. Which was disappointing for me given I just signed away a huge amount of money that I had been saving for this procedure for years (plus quite a bit… given her price was like at least $5k more than any other Doctor I consulted with).

I’d say the one exception is there was a decently nice assistant running the email correspondence with me. She was fairly helpful. Other than that, it was not a fancy experience. It was not even a baseline comfortable experience. I mean, I get it, she’s a Doctor and is busy. But this wasn’t normal. Hear me out.

When you arrive the day of an incredibly personal surgery that you are feeling nervous about, it is quite a huge bummer to be shuffled around from different random makeshift waiting areas without so much as a kind word from any person present. I waited 1 hour to even see a nurse. She then escorted me down some stairs to an eery basement area with temporary looking walls separating three rooms. Zero decorations. Just a basement. She brought me in one and told me to put on a surgical gown and wait. Then 1.5 hours later she came down. She put numbing cream on me. It was very awkward and she did not have bedside manners. Told me it would be 45 minutes before Dr. Devgan came and did numbing injections pre surgery (Okay thats fine, I thought, it needs 45 mins to set in).

Well, 45 mins passed. An hour. At two hours I was freezing in the basement, a full on NYC RAT was running around the floor and disappearing in and out of this wall thing in my waiting room, and I was feeling like I may have a panic attack – second guessing the entire thing. I literally used my cell phone to call the front desk a few floors up from me to try to get SOMEONE to come help me. The nurse came back ten minutes later (yes at that point I was watching time down to the minute). Told me it’d be a little longer.

Then Dr. Devgan came. It all happened extremely fast after that. She barely spoke to me. I mean I really, really hate leaving a scathing review, especially of a human being and her practice. But this didn’t feel right from start to end. My legs were shaking uncontrollably from being freezing and also from having been stuck in a frog leg position for 2+ hours downstairs (not ideal to have shaking legs for this particular surgery…) She made a big thing of having me tell her music I like so they could “curate” a Spotify playlist for me. Then, they put on a generic Taylor Swift playlist the entire surgery (I didn’t even mention TS – although I do like her, just didn’t exactly opt in to listening to Love Story as my labia were getting operated on).

I had told them the sight of blood often makes me faint. They didn’t even ATTEMPT to clean off the floor/surgical area before making me stand straight up abruptly so the nurse could put my clothes on me in a rushed manner post surgery. Clearly had another appointment that was also behind schedule and wanted me out. They literally stuffed an ice pack in my sweatpants and told me to walk straight out the lobby. “A nurse will check on you tomorrow by phone”. No nice words. No offer to let me recover for a little somewhere at the office (I mean, not that I would have – there’s a rat in their recovery area).

Oh – the results. Not even worth getting into or I will cry. Let’s just say I am now spending more money on a revision with somebody else. Please think deeply before proceeding with Dr. Devgan for your surgery.

Also – may be petty but I want to point out that it seems very likely she purchased Instagram followers.
Skin care line IG: nearly 50k followers. Posts averaging ~20 likes or 300 views. Surgical IG: nearly 530k followers (…). Posts averaging ~100 likes.

Doesn’t add up. Be cautious.

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