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31st Jan, 2020

Llyod Knapman is LYING EVERYWHERE! Don’t Buy Affiliate Academy Pro

Llyod Knapman is a famous influencer who sells an expensive course called Affiliate Academy Pro. I made a huge mistake by buying this course and I don’t recommend anyone to do the same. I spent thousands on buying the product and it only led me to a couple of upsells. The thing is, Llyod isn’t selling you a proper course. He’s selling you a bunch of trashy videos which you’d expect to learn something from.

The course is pathetic and it doesn’t teach you anything about affiliate marketing. If you take interest in building an online business or becoming a digital marketer, then you can easily learn this stuff for free from multiple blogs online. You don’t have to rely on a cheat like Llyod. I wasted my precious time and money on this course and I hated every second of it. 

Llyod’s course doesn’t contain any good videos nor does it contain any new information. While the promotions of this course might seem great and attractive, they are actually misleading people. He shows you his rich lifestyle and boasts of being a 7-figure entrepreneur. But the reality is, he makes this money from deceiving people like you and I. 

I was also interested in learning affiliate marketing. And I wanted to start an affiliate business fast. I looked up online and I found this guy hosting a webinar. It’s a smart tactic, I’d say because it makes you think that he’s offering you valuable information for free.

This way, you don’t think he is a fraudster who is selling you trashy video courses. 

His webinar was pathetic but I thought I should give his course a try.

Like I said before, the course didn’t have any good videos. It mostly contained the same basic information you see online. Just think of the course as a compilation of a couple of blog articles. That’s it. There’s nothing new to learn here. 

But the worst part is, you’ll keep coming across these upsells that will make you puke. Llyod wants to steal every penny in your pocket. His course contains numerous upsells (I lost count after a while) and he makes it seem like they’ll add more value to your course. 

Because I had attended his webinar and I had seen his one course, I knew he was lying. I ignored all the upsells because they would’ve wasted more of my money. 

Don’t trust Llyod Knapman. 

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