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24th Mar, 2022

Fruit Trade Ukraine banana scam

Fruit buyers from Ukraine.
Maksim Salamatov.

Involved in criminal activities as racketeering and extorsion.

Alluring banana growers to pack and within transit they fake their payments.

Do not believe anything they say.

They go after the companies that dont fall in their scheme, creating false allegations of individuals that realize of their practices, in websites like this ones.

This are their files so far:

06.08.2020 Court decree Criminal 90932298 755/11871/17
23.07.2020 Court decree Criminal 90663296 755/11871/17
04.03.2020 Court decree Criminal 88665706 760/5079/20
04.03.2020 Court decree Criminal 88665707 760/5068/20
04.03.2020 Court decree Criminal 88665313 760/5077/20
02.03.2020 Court decree Criminal 88101382 760/5689/20
02.03.2020 Court decree Criminal 88260204 760/5644/20
27.02.2020 Court decree Criminal 87916769 760/5083/20

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