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Emma Ross
22nd Apr, 2016

Mark Bunker - Blatant Scammer from Clearwater

Bunker continues to get donations from people for his livelihood. This has become so blatantly a scam, it's crazy. He tells people its for one thing because he knows people will help him fund a Scientology movie documentary in clearwater but he takes advantage of this. In January Mark set a target of $5000 in donations so he could finish his film by May. Then only one month later, he says he needs another $3000 to shoot one more scene? So WTF!!!, does he really need $3000 more in March, April and May? Then which May does it become - 2020? Not to mention that the newest back information and reason for money sounds so contrived and unreal, it's laughable. A scammer is a scammer, and yes, even Mark Bunker. It's just that its the worst when you have guys supposedly on your own side scamming you.

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