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2nd Mar, 2022

All Very Accurate Information

All very accurate information. Find the rest of the shocking, sordid truth about this perverted black magic guru here:

In a nutshell:

Mas Sajady and Fei “Fay” Zhou are perverts with ties to pedophilia running a sex cult that preys primarily upon women, vulnerable adults, and the most vulnerable of all — children.

Sajady and Zhou have numerous ties to pedophilia. They post what appear to be pedophile symbols in their marketing.

The FBI produced a document about pedophile symbols in 2007.

Sajady and Zhou also promote an anti-Semitic platform, promote drug use, encourage suicide, lie pathologically, and have harassed whistleblowers with failed lawsuits and frivolous police calls.

Their cult is demonic, their goal is to recruit people for the dark agenda, and their cult may be a front for other activities. Their unsuspecting customers have been lured in by fraudulent claims that Sajady “heals” and is an expert on virtually everything. It is no surprise these customers soon become sick and experience many problems, even deaths and disasters.

Invisible spiritual assault is the main tactic of their demonic system, which can be validated through symptoms, many testimonies of former clients, and clairvoyants.

We are researching and compiling information for a class action lawsuit. If you are a dissatisfied client, we would like to hear from you.

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