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Name and Shame



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31st Jan, 2022

AVOID at all costs

I’m creating this thread because I’m in shock over the things I’m reading and seein on TV radio93 Dubai, rotana Dubai.

We really have some good reesearchers and journalists on tattle life! So here is my story just to help you any how not to be her victim. A few years ago I was naive and stupid to believe all those (paid) bloggers on Instagram who was her “patients” in fact she didn’t perform any procedure on their faces, it was only paid advertisements. I came to her… to get rid of my teardrop lines…. she was rude and in a hurry. But I was quite because I believe she is really professional. She said she will inject fillers ( I did once lips augmentations with Saudi doctors and it was good) but SHE DID NOT INFORMED me that those fillers are different and you won’t be able to dissolve them anyhow…. not even with a surgery because it’s a very sensitive area… she never been trained on those fillers so the technique was wrong. later on my face start swelling, blue lines appeared under my eyes… I was shocked and panicked…. my face was like orangutan…. I came back to her… she was trying to avoid me but I insisted…. she was mocking and laughing at me saying “what do you want from me hahah just wait, wait” 2 years after…. nothing got changed…. I was trying to reach her multiply times but she never answered and she never even apologised or wanted to help me, it was a nightmare… I spend more than 10 000$ on different procedures with a doctors in order to dissolve it any how but nothing helped me. Here is all evidence so you will know it’s a very true. Later on I found more victims and people were texting me even famous bloggers that they also was her victims… I believed she paid her wasta to somebody because I can’t believe she is still in the clinic…. but report her to Dubai ministry of health. They just need more people to see what’s happening.

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