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25th Feb, 2022

Stay far far away from this person and his company

Do not hire Michael Adcock for any work as a painter. He the owner and painter for Craftsman Quality Painting in the Spokane/Cheney, Washington area.

This person is a drug addicted, dishonest and mentally ill thief. His brain has been fried from lifelong drug use and excessive marijuana smoking. At first, this short deranged man may come across as a soft spoken hippie but make no mistake this man is very very dangerous. He suffers from bipolar disorder and paranoia and will snoop around your house, perform some very disturbing things inside of your own home and get very agitated when confronted about his actions. This individual needs to be locked up in a mental institution and not be allowed to paint inside or outside of anyone's house.

Do not hire this man for any painting jobs. You have been warned.

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