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Name and Shame



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31st Jan, 2020


Millionaire Biz Pro is the worst information product available on the internet. You can spend hundreds of hours watching its videos and learning the steps but that's of no use because what they are selling is a load of crap. Derek, the creator of this course, claims that you can easily make an income upwards of $1,000 per day with just a few hours of training through this product. But the truth is it isn’t any good.

I bought it because I wanted to see If they actually teach something good. Turns out, their method of making money is spamming other people.

Moreover, throughout your learning journey you will come across multiple upsells which only mean the course isn't any useful. In fact, I hated those upsells more than the course itself because they frustratingly interrupt you and make you feel like a loser if you don't opt for them. 

Derek says that you can make $1000 a day while doing only 15 minutes of work. I have never heard such nonsense before in my life. He is lying to people and the only person who is getting any benefits from Millionaire Biz Pro is him. I wonder how this website is still up. 

All the case studies you see there, trust me, they are nothing but lies. Discourse is nonsensical and you would be better off watching a cat video on YouTube then taking this piece of garbage. My experience was painful and after a week I realised I had wasted my money. I tried the method which Derek teaches in this course but it didn't work just like I thought it would. 

I feel sorry for the people who have been scammed by this trickster. The course wouldn’t teach you anything worthwhile. It’s just a promotion of a few black-hat marketing strategies, which can’t make money in any way possible.

Derek is trying to exploit people who don’t know much about digital marketing and/or online businesses. He knows people constantly look for ways to get rich. That’s why he is selling this rubbish course. 

As a past subscriber of Millionaire Biz Pro, I’m telling you, you shouldn’t waste your time with this nonsense. There are plenty of ways to make money but this isn’t one of them. I tried this method for weeks but it yielded no results for me. If you know someone who might benefit from this review, then let them know about it too. No one should have to pay for this sham. 

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