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21st Jun, 2019

Investment ScamM

Mirsolav Lunt is based in Melton Victoria, in Australia.

He set up a company called Timberhill Australia pty Ltd with the sole intent to defraud Australians of hard earned money.

He has cohorts in Philippines who act as a boiler room operation where fake investments are sold and as a result once money is transferred its gone.

He knows how difficult it is legally due to jurisdiction issues. He is trully the one of the scum of the earth.

He has since appeared on 60 minutes in Australia and the culprits in philippines were caught BUT Miroslav cant do the right thing and pay people who he stole money from.  He pleads he didnt know what was going on even though the company is in his name and he had control over the bank account.  The police are closing in though.  It will take time but they are closing in and also the Attorney General has been written to directly complaining about the way Miroslav Lunt is playing the legal system to frustrate his victims.

Hope you age fast and I you are now cursed!  I hope nothing will go well for you in your life and you will pay for your sins

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