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Name and Shame



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NameandShame Author
28th Jan, 2020


Nationwide Gold is a major online scam. I had ordered 2 gold coins from their website but I never got a notification of my order placement. I waited for a few days for my order confirmation but when I didn’t receive it, I tried contacting the customer support. Their customer support is non-existent. They don’t pick up your calls and they don’t reply to your emails.

The only thing they truly did was take my money. They didn’t confirm my order but they deducted the payment for those 2 coins from my account. 

The market is filled with online scammers. I didn’t know Nationwide Gold was one of them. I wouldn’t have even visited their website if I had known they’d steal my money. 

I found out about their store through one of their advertisements. They claim to sell ‘Gold at Cost’. I’ve always been interested in investing and they made it sound like an amazing investing opportunity.

When I got scammed by Nationwide Gold, I started looking for their reviews to see if others have faced such problems. I found out that Nationwide Gold has been scamming people for years with these tactics.

Some people even complained that the salesman didn’t place their order at all. They are notorious for not processing orders.

I have lost around $500 because of those bastards. Either they should process my order or give me a refund. There are negative reviews of Nationwide Gold all across the internet. 

They are not BBB accredited and have numerous complaints from dissatisfied customers like me. 

Some people also complain that their sales executives try to force them to buy more expensive products. And if a person doesn’t buy the products the salesperson recommends them to, they don’t process their orders at all. Their customer support isn’t picking up my calls or answering my emails so I’m quite certain that these people must’ve faced this difficulty as well.

The people at Nationwide Gold should first get a proper customer support staff, and start taking care of their customers. How do you run a business by stealing other people’s money? What good would that do to you? Nationwide Gold is a dangerous organization and no one should do business with them. They falsely advertise their products and they steal your money. Don’t fall for their scams. You’ll only regret it.