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Name and Shame



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31st Jan, 2020

Newspring Capital is full of sexist people. Please don’t work here!

I used to work at Newspring Capital as an intern. This company seems very professional and attractive but the reality of this place is way darker. The bosses here are mean and inconsiderate. I hated all the time I spent at this place. 

At first, it wasn’t noticeable. But one day, I overheard some chatter about how a person who used to work there lost her job because she wasn’t liked by the boss. People get fired for a variety of reasons but they were talking about how the boss didn’t like the way she dressed and how she looked a bit “dull” for the surroundings.

Yes, you read it right, DULL. I was surprised to hear that stuff about the management but I ignored it. 

As an intern, my job wasn’t any special. I was like an errand boy doing something for everyone, like getting coffee, making copies, etc. you know, the usual stuff.

Then one day I saw a man, who is in a managerial position, touching a girl inappropriately during lunch time. Let’s call the man Larry and the girl, Hanna. You can obviously see the disgusted look on Hanna’s face and how she was trying to get out of that situation. Thankfully, Larry stopped. I think he realized that someone was watching them. I immediately went to Hanna to console her. 

When I talked to Hanna, she told me that Larry has been harassing her for quite some time. I told her that she should report this issue to HR but she said it was of no use. According to her, the HR of that place is crippled. It can’t do anything about these issues. I didn’t believe Hanna at the time. I thought she was too afraid to take any action against Larry, because he was her boss. 

I had caught Larry staring at me a couple of times too. And it always made me feel unsafe. 

So, I thought I should complain about him. I went to the HR and talked to the representative there who assured me that something would be done. But that’s all I got from him, a fake assurance. They never took action against Larry. When I did a follow-up on my complaint, I was told that I should let them do their work. A week later, I was fired from that place. 

That’s when I realized that Newspring Capital is infested with roaches. Those people are animals. I thought I was overthinking stuff but I wasn’t. That place needs to clean the house badly. 

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