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Rachel Brown
22nd Apr, 2016

Worst Technology for a healthy living

Most of us are already aware of Nutrimost being the best technology around for a healthy life. But is it so? I don't really know. My friends had introduced me to Nutrimost, and honestly, that's the worst thing they ever did to me. 

No, I am not saying that they aren't the best in their field. They surely are. However, instead of giving you a healthy life, they are likely to suck all the health out of you, be it mentally, emotionally, or financially. 

Nutrimost claims that you can shed thousands of pounds if you're working with them. This is not the end of their claims but also that they are different from others because they have customized the plans according to your requirements. Oh and there is a long list of claims, I don't even want to talk about. 

If you want to lose extra weight and enter a healthy lifestyle, you can surely move ahead with Nutrimost. The only difference would be that you can't really get a happy and healthy life but you are sure to be under  tons of pressure. The pressure of what? I know you may be wondering about this. But don't worry, there is a list of things you want to know, and I will discuss everything in detail. 

How was my experience with Nutrimost?

I wasn't one of those guys in school who was sleek, thin, and smart. Honestly, I was the fat guy. That's the main reason I was bullied. It's not like I didn't have friends, but you know there are those bad guys (aka bullies) in school you don't want to meet. So yes, I was in that phase of life where I was fat-shamed because of my body shape. 

Honestly, I was embarrassed and was looking for ways through which I can lose weight. You wouldn't believe me if I told you that I skipped my meals for three days straight and worked out. Basically, nothing seemed to work out for me at a rapid rate. But I wanted rapid results. So, I was really brainstorming about what can be done. 

This is where my 'actual' friends came into play. They never mocked me for my appearance. So, what they did was introduce me to Nutrimost. Desperate to get rid of the fat body, my first initiative was to call and schedule an appointment. 

I wouldn't say that I was totally ignorant about who they are and what they did. Before scheduling an appointment with them I made sure to check their website. Honestly, their claims were something that would make anyone fall for them. But that wasn't the only reason I was convinced. I was also convinced because their website showed many success stories. And honestly, I was taken aback by them and became even more desperate. 

The day arrived, and I reached out to the appointment center. The first thing they asked me to do was undergo BMI scan. No matter how advanced this sounds, all of us have done this. A BMI scan is basically standing on a weight scale and getting your weight scanned. But that's not entirely BMI scan. They did take an estimate about my weight, and further proceeded to calculate water saturation percentage, amount to be burnt and consumed calorie and mostly the metabolic age.

Once the BMI scan was done, they asked me to meet the health coach. Truly, it was quite visible that he had no experience or whatsoever in the field. I am telling you this because he was unable to answer any of my questions. Whenever I asked something about what I should do to lose weight, the only answer I got was 'eat less, workout more.' Is that even sensible? Even a small kid can give you such answers. 

It was from there that I started suspecting their schemes. And honestly, I wasn't even surprised when I got to know their truth. Not only was I scammed off for my money but for my health as well. Both of these are highly unacceptable. But it did happen to me and many others. Well, this isn't the end of how they scammed me, but there is much more to it. 

As soon as they showed me their support and diet chart, I was astonished for it being so common. However, since I was new, I still tried to comprehend and move ahead with it. Post that I was given their plans and asked to choose one. All the plans were pretty expensive. Once I got the plans, I signed up with them and hoped for the best. 

Our contact was long, and they sent me the number of calories I can eat. Honestly, I was restricted to only 500 calories each day, and I was happy and hoping to see positive results. Soon they said that if there were any problems, I should be reaching out to a health liaison in their team. Initially, I did face problems, and I decided to reach out to their experts. I checked their registered number and tried to reach out to them. But there wasn't any response from them. Then I also tried to contact them on mail, and to my disappointment, I received no response from their side. 

I continued to take the supplements given by them and restrict the diet. One major thing that hit me hard was that there was no medical personality I can reach out to. Soon due to the impact of medicines, I started to feel dizzy, shivered, and became sick. I was terrified and once again I tried to reach out to them. One day lucky day, they did respond to me. The health liaison they had asked me to talk to said that I should be taking general antibiotics and oranges to cure the fever. 

Which sensible person would consider ingesting oranges to be a substantial solution for high levels of fever? However, I asked them to connect me to a proper medical doctor, because any certified website that promises you changes in your health will have a doctor in contact with them. To my surprise, they immediately refused to do so and hung up. So a certified and reliable website or company bringing changes to your health refuses to provide you medical assistance, and would you think that is okay? 

I was frustrated at this moment because by then I had already lost $500 and saw no positive results but only negative ones. I finally decided to tell my parents and let them know about the scam I got myself trapped in. My father explained to me that I should have consulted him once because his other friends had also fallen prey to this trap. I felt victimized. Nonetheless, my dad was pretty cooperative and explained to me that I should be asking for a refund. 

So, the first thing I did was contact the concerned person to provide me guidelines about the refund. Any certified website, if they claim that they can provide you positive results and fails to do so, should provide you refunds. To my surprise, they refused to give refunds claiming that I hadn't followed the schedule properly. Also, they stated that since I had signed up the contract with them, I should be sticking to it, and I cannot violate the terms. Moreover, they had an extremely rude behavior and were refusing to communicate. Such behavior was clearly evident of who was trying to violate the terms and contracts.  

There are several such instances because of their communication gap, behavior that made me feel like they weren't the right people. Also, several factors contribute to the fact that it is nothing less than fraudsters and cheats. I can give you different reasons to explain why their programs are a fraud. If you really want to drop weight, reach out to any fitness expert, medical doctor, cut down on your sugar intake and you are good to go. Never believe in the programs of Nutrimost. They will suck all the good health and financial wealth out of you. 

Never, I repeat never reach out to those at Nutrimost because their programs will eventually drain you but do not benefit you in any way. Also, the lack of medical supervision is enough to warn you against them. If you seriously cut down your weight, you should keep a check on your eating habits and include healthy things in your diet.

Nutrimost will promise to get you in touch with medical experts, but in reality, they won't. If at all, you are trying to give it a try, make sure to have your legal attorney with you to avoid the risks.

A little truth about Nutrimost

Scientifically different- That is how Nutrimost introduces itself to the clients. Have you ever wondered why it is scientifically different and not proven? Any valid product that is tested and tried will eventually claim to be scientifically proven, but Nutrimost claims it to be different. Basically, you won't find any report about Nutrimost products being clinically tried. 

Nutrimost claims that only certified doctors work with them. This may be enough to tempt you in believing that they are the best since they have professionals with them. But, clearly, they aren't. According to the reports, all the licensed doctors that work with Nutrimost are Chiropractors and not supervised dieticians. This is eventually a drawback to the entire system. 

This is not the end to their claims of being the best when it comes to treating health problems. Nutrimost also offers a wide range of claims such as they can treat diabetes, high blood pressure, liver problems, and so much more. However, are they really able to do so? They aren't. Although they have made such claims, none of it is backed by any scientific evidence. So, how are you to believe something that claims to be healthy and yet isn't backed by scientific evidence? Also, they state that they have received FDA approval. Have they? No, which is why they should be considered illegal. 

Nutrimost comes with Nutrimost Resonant Frequency (NRF) technology, which is itself very susceptible. You shouldn't believe them. According to the technology, it scans your fingerprint to find out which parts of your body has fat-burning zones. Based on the zones they will prescribe you medicines and supplements which will help you get over the excessive weight. Well, nothing like that happens. Even after you pay thousands of dollars, you can't receive anything positive. 

According to the Nutrimost website, they can assist you with "faster, easier and healthier" weight loss program thereby helping you with better health. They state that all the weight loss programs are customized. But, according to the FTC, most of these claims are misleading and not backed by science. There are various unsupported claims on their website that state that they have carried out a successful weight loss program and also treat diabetes, psoriasis, and more. 

The consumers who have made the payment of $1,895 for signing up stated that post their contract they cannot make any negative reviews and comments. Although their website has several claims, FTC states that most of them are misleading and false because they haven't provided any scientific proof. Their website does not even provide reviews from its customers and franchisees. 

False Reviews (Reputation Management)

If you yet do not believe that NutriMost has come up with several fake reviews, you should know that they are nothing but fake. If you believe them by their online reviews, it is better that you avoid this. Most of their online reviews in the website claim they have achieved a severe decrease in their weight. 

If you check their before and after section, you will come across a lot of success stories. But please do not believe these stories. According to claims, these people pay a lot of professionals to write positive reviews for their brand. They also do not allow the clients to provide negative reviews on their website. One negative review can destroy everything, and this is why they try their best to avoid it.

However, when it comes to identifying the truth, most of their reviews registered online are fake and are ensured for proper management. If you are looking forward to finding real reviews about Nutrimost, know that it will be very difficult for you. The false reviews themselves show that this group of companies are shady. The most saddening fact about this entire thing is that I am not the only one, but there are other people as well whom they have conned. 

Who are the others that have been conned?

When you search thoroughly, you will come across a lot of online reviews that state how Nutrimost has conned them. To name a few,


Save your money

If you are planning to lose weight, Nutrimost will ask you to pay $18,000, and in return, you won't receive any medical care, treatment help, coaching, or whatsoever. Also, within 40 days of starting the weight program, you will need to re-do if you do not lose weight. So, once that you spend $18,000 and if it comes with no result, you will once again need to pay the same amount. 

The user claims that in their 40 days program, they promise to provide you with extensive help, supplements and drops, and the promise that they will work as hard as possible. But the user didn't receive any help in the time and half the time they did not her contact as well. She states that before you join the program, you should research as much as you can. The worst part is that people believe them. 


The only thing getting thinner is your wallet

True that. Nutrimost promises you consultation for only $27 claiming that they would create personalized plans on your requirement. In their plan, they will tell you what your drawbacks are and how you get to avoid them. They check your weight and charge you $27. 

Their claims see no end with stating that women may lose up to 20 pounds following their plan. So, for every $100 you get to lose a pound. That itself is so expensive. A lot of people have often applied for a refund of their money. This user was one of them too. Did she receive anything? Yes, a rejection for claiming refunds. 

Also, a proof of the few complaints against NutriMost is attached.

Coming to an end

If you are tired of your excess weight and want to get over it, please avoid Nutrimost. You already have enough negativity around you for your body weight, and please do not add to it by joining Nutrimost programs. They will not only deceive you of your money but health as well. Rather than sticking to such programs, you may consider reaching out to other experts. 

There are a lot of ways to reduce weight, such as eating healthy and following a proper diet chart created by professionals. But if you aren't following that, and reaching out to frauds such as Nutrimost, you will be losing a lot more than your weight. 

Basically, Nutrimost is carrying out a lot of scams for the people. If you want others not to fall into this trap, you can go ahead and share the word with others. Avoid Nutrimost and have a healthy life.