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Anna Kelly
22nd Apr, 2016

How I got scammed

Pivotal Payment is a big name in the finance industry. This privately owned electronic payment processing company is one of the most prominent industries of the finance industry. Undoubtedly this company is the largest private and non-bank payment processor of Canada. The company actually belongs to Montreal. Established 16 years ago, this company's worth for 2017 as around the US $424 million. The transactions moreover keep on increasing each year. 

"Paving the way to great partnerships"- This is what Nuvei claims to do so. But do they walk the talk? Well, there have been long claims against them. Over time, Nuvei has rebranded themselves as Nuvei. They reflect a complete understanding of the business. Accordingly, the business serves more than 70,000 clients around the year with transaction amounting up to $12 billion each year.  

Nuvei promises to provide a wide range of services such as credit card processing, internet processing, mobile processing, and more. However, Nuvei clearly does not provide any clear information regarding the e-services and processing fees.  

Nuvei moreover is working with international customers. They introduced the multi-currency plans and currency conversion plans for international customer convenience. Well, this is not the end of Nuvei's services but more such as offering various equipment, mostly EVM. The customers are also allowed to accept payments via the mobile platform. 

How legit is Nuvei?

Since Nuvei, formerly known as Pivotal Payments, is a big name in the finance industry; you are very less likely to find anything against them. Therefore, even if you are investigating you may not be able to find what you are looking for. Nowadays, all of us prefer searching the internet before proceeding in any decision. So, it is bound for you to do the same thing before signing up with Nuvei. Well, when you are searching the internet, you will only find positive reviews about Nuvei. 

But let me tell you, it is not the truth. What you see on the internet does not prove that everything is valid. If you do a little more in-depth research, you will get to know the actual truth of Nuvei that they have been trying to deceive their customers. Most of the customers have claimed about the ingenuity of Nuvei.

Many customers claim that Nuvei has tried to con everyone out of money. Well, they do. And I am not saying this because I have read about them conning people or so. But I am saying this because I have been one of their victims. 

My story of being scammed

According to their official website, Nuvei states that over time, they help in building businesses together. So, basically, if you are looking forward to starting a business that is different, unique, and stands apart in the market, you may need financial assistance. You can get it all from Nuvei as they claim to offer technology, support, and more. Whether you are a merchant or a developer, every business can receive a boost with Nuvei.  

That is exactly what I had heard and read about them before proceeding to sign up with them. Being an aspirant of starting my own business, I thought maybe Nuvei or Pivotal Payments could be of good help to me. Before believing the online reviews, I decided to consult some of my seniors. But to my disappointment, they weren't quite sure. The feedback I received from them regarding Nuvei was the same as that I found online. Thus, I decided to give it a chance. 

I was pleased with the plans and services they were offering. Their website claimed that they would be offering complete support 24*7 for personalized growth of the business. They eventually help you in becoming successful. This is what they claim, but I don't think any amount of truth lies in it. 

Before telling you how much I hate them, let me tell you how they have duped me off my hard-earned money. Ever since I was a child, I dreamt of having my own business. Right from my teenage years, I started investing my time in understanding how the corporate industry works and more. I heard entrepreneurship podcasts, attended the seminar, and more to bring a boost in my understanding. 

So, I checked their schemes once again, and Nuvei did have some pretty good schemes. After analyzing them, I finally decided to sign up. But as time passed by, I realized just because they offer good schemes does not mean they are a reliable company. Basically, they are using their schemes as bait to drive their customers nationally and internationally. This is all a well-planned trap to lure you in and then deceive you. 


The same happened with me because I saw their scheme, signed up and fell in the trap only to find myself stuck with them. The situations were so complicated that when I wanted to give up my card to someone else, I could not.  

Since I had paid a huge amount to get the card, I decided to check with their cancellation plans and charges. Post that, they told me that for cancellation I need to pay an extra amount of $300. Honestly, although I had a feeling that I was being scammed, I did not hesitate in paying the cancellation charges. One of the employees advised that I should be paying heed to the cancellation charges while signing up. Therefore, I was really careful about the cancellation charges and planned everything as if I knew what was happening. But, it did not go as planned, maybe. Based on their cancellation charges, I believed that as easy as it was to get in, it was equally tough to get out of the trap. 

I wouldn't mind saying that there is a group of illiterates working under them. I am saying this because whenever I had problems, I tried to explain to them what my issues were and they just wouldn't understand. Talking to them was frustrating and time-consuming. If you ask me what the biggest mistake of my life is, I wouldn't even think for a second to say that it was me trying to consult the employees of Nuvei. 

In the beginning, I had to sign a contract with them agreeing to their terms and clauses. Well, somehow all of a sudden there were new terms and clauses which weren't there in the contract I signed. Basically, they kept all the things hidden from us. All of their terms were so irrelevant that it made no sense. But the problem lies in one major term and condition where they state that anyone signing up with them won't have the chance to opt out if the customer does not pay the money. Well, why on Earth do I need to pay for some service I'm not satisfied with? This is extremely annoying and unacceptable. But Nuvei makes you do so. 

As I stated earlier, they had a list of hidden things. Let me tell you what those are

Usage of third-party terminals: This was directly associated with Pivotal cancellation charge and had a huge fee. So, basically, when I finally decided to opt for a cancellation charge, they said that I would need to pay the charge not only to them but a third party as well, who had no role to play while I took the card. Basically, I was stuck in a blunder for it was increasing my expenses for no reason. 

All of a sudden, the cancellation charge jumped from $300 to $2200. Can somebody please explain how all of a sudden there is a jump of $1900 and that too for cancellation? Honestly, not even the share market prices see such a hike in a matter of a few days. I would have understood even if they were in the stock market, but they weren't. So, how does the fee jump up at such a rapid rate? 

Every business has a yearly fee. This is one universal truth, but before deducting the annual income, the companies prefer informing their clients about the annual fee. However, Nuvei clearly did not inform us about the basic annual fee. As a leading finance company, they should have kept the ethics of informing their clients in mind. They didn’t tell us about the annual income. They clearly did not inform ME which made me go crazy over it. No company would ever do so if they don’t have the intention of conning you. And clearly, I can say that Nuvei had plans of conning me. 

Annoyed by their schemes and hidden plans, I decided to give away my card to someone else. So, when I decided to do it, they did not stop me from doing it. But, they decided to charge an extra amount as well. They wanted me to pay some extra annual termination fee. Honestly, I was tired of paying them more and more. Therefore, I thought it was okay to deny it. This is a deceiving business and not something you can trust.  

What Nuvei tries is to withdraw money from your pocket. They do not provide you proper customer service, no communication, and deceives the terms and conditions. Moreover, their terms and conditions keep on changing without your knowledge. Also, if you have given your bank account details, the price would surely decrease. If you are to go by what I say, it is better to stay away from Nuvei and not fall prey to their sugar-coated lies. 

Nuvei Reviews

If you check online websites, you will find an entire group of positive reviews for Nuvei. One major claim is that they offer multi-currency support for everyone to regulate businesses. However, this can eventually prove to be a drawback. They claim that they provide refunds as well. But do they? They don't. Although they claim that they provide refunds, they don't, and if you plan to opt for cancellation, they charge you a lot of money. 

Most of the online websites offering positive reviews for Nuvei is a clear depiction that they are being paid for providing positive reviews. An online website is all about maintaining your reputation to attract the attention of customers. Even if there is one negative review, it is like a stain on white cloth. Therefore, these online businesses try their best to get positive reviews for themselves.  

Nuvei promises complete 24*7 customer support. But you aren't getting customer support service but dealing with a group of idiots. Talking to them is like pushing the wall, completely effortless. This is because no matter how much you try to explain to them, they just wouldn't understand. 

Built by a group of entrepreneurs, Nuvei claims to have some of the best solutions for their partners such as online payment, mobile payment, in-store payment, and more. But nothing of that sort happens. If you are planning your own start-up, you should invest some time and get in touch with experts to get the best deals. Working with Nuvei will just mean that you are losing a huge sum of money. Therefore, when it is time for you to earn, all you get is nothing. Instead, you will need to pay them on an annual basis. 

Most of the people signed up with them do not even have an idea of how this group functions and plans to dupe them. I wouldn't hesitate to claim that they have an entire trap planned to capture you. They and their third-party partners plan to lure you in, and once you are in, you are caught in the trap from where there is no escape. Make sure to avoid it if you want your business to drive money. It is better to wait for a few years rather than being conned immediately. 

Was I the only one who was conned?

Initially, when I fell victim to the scam, I thought that I was the only one. Another thought that I had was maybe I had made some mistakes in reading some terms and conditions, which is why I was stuck in it. However, one day, I decided to research a bit about them. And I did so. I wasn't surprised when I found other reviews but was astonished. I wasn't the only one whom they had conned, but there were others like me as well, being deceived of a much higher amount than me.  

These reviews aren't fake but specified by general customers who had worked with them and were not at all pleased by their working. To quote a few reviews

What a bunch of thieves! 

One of the users straightforwardly claims that Nuvei is nothing less than a group of thieves. He states that despite being stuck in a lease, he decided to give Nuvei a try on the recommendation of a friend. He stated that he continued to receive bills from Pivotal. But after a few billings, they stated that they would be canceling his bills because of the no termination fees. Moreover, they also refused to provide any refunds for the made bills.  

Despite consulting the experts, he was unable to understand what they wanted. Instead, he states that if anyone is trying to start their business; they should clearly stay away from Nuvei. He clearly calls them a bunch of thieves and dirtbags. This itself expresses the disappointment of the users. 

Do not deal with this company

Nuvei has had several employees and companies working with them, and not all of them are satisfied with it. She expresses her astonishment at the audacity of Nuvei trying to deceive people. She asks everyone to beware of them and prevent the risk of high payments.  

The Nuvei employees are likely to call you for business, but she asks everyone to avoid the calls from them. She clearly states, "The owner cares about no one," and will transact money from your account without any explanation. She wants the company to be shut because they just rob you of your money and do not care about you


Page after Page Horror Stories

One user claims that Google is filled with negative reviews and horror stories about Nuvei. Even if the customers could give negative reviews of the company, most of them would gladly do so due to the lack of communication and experience. Her claims state that joining Nuvei programs was the biggest mistake of her life. Frustrated, she withdrew from the website and warned others from joining the business. 

 Let's end it here

If you want any kind of help from the experts, you should be reaching out to experienced people rather than relying on these online websites. Undoubtedly, one of the best parts of the entire website is their layout, which is why people are extremely attracted to it. Just like not everything that shines is gold, not every website that looks good is good. 

Honestly, I have had a really bad experience with Nuvei with such a high amount of money being deducted from my account. Every business needs time to be built. My suggestion would be to take time rather than falling into traps where you end up losing thousands of dollars. They are a bunch of people conning you, and you should take all necessary arrangements to avoid it. 

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