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Anna Kelly
22nd Apr, 2016

Do not work with Oak Hill Capital Partners

Having funds for your business is not only tough but expensive as well. Although there are a lot of brokers, companies, and lenders who may give you the money, they may eventually ask for something in return. They might ask for equity or collateral. It is very hard to find a firm that will provide everything you need for your business. 

Oak Hill Capital Partners is a renowned name in private equity businesses. Founded by Robert Bass, some 33 years ago, this firm still holds its prominence in the industry as it did earlier. It wouldn't be wrong to say that it is one of the most famous private equity firms. A lot of potential businesses or startups prefer reaching out to Oak Hill Capital for investments.  

All the leading entrepreneurs, foundations, corporations, and endowment funds are a part of Oak Hill Capital Partners, thereby serving them the best business opportunity. Most of the global financial institution is a part of Oak Hill Capital. They have several partnerships with each one having their independent management firm. As far as investment is concerned, it reaches up to $18 billion in capital in different industries such as special institutions, private equity real estate, and even public equity exchange fund. 

According to Wikipedia, in the past twenty years, Oak Hill Capital has made significant investments in about fifty essential private equity transactions. Some of the prominent services they have invested in include BlackBoard Inc, Alibris, Ariel, Genpact, Local TV LLC, eGain, and more. 

But is it okay to believe them?

The truth lies in the fallacy

If you believe everything you read online, I must say you are living in a farce. What people do on the internet is that they sugar-coat each lie to prove as if it is the truth. This is what Oak Hill Capital does, sugar-coating all their lies and presenting to you a sweet lie that covers the hardest of all lies. 

If you search for Oak Hill Partner reviews, I guarantee you that most of the reviews you will come across will be positive. There are very rare chances of you finding any review against them. Moreover, most of the reviews are from employees and guests. But how do you know that they are verified employees? Also, what proof do you get by these reviews of them being valid?

Although they enlist some pros and cons in their official website and other places, you can easily make it out that they are paid reviews. The technicality through which these reviews are written clearly shows that they are paid reviews from someone else. 

If you are sensible, you will eventually be able to make out the difference between genuine and fake reviews. It is not that I am telling this because I have a thing against them or so, although I do. But it is not only me but a lot of other people who have had a similar kind of hatred for this company. This hatred exists because we were conned, scammed, and had to lose our money. 

Was my experience bad? 

Did I have a bad experience? Well, no. I had the worst experience. So much stuff has happened with Oak Hill Partners that it has destroyed my entire experience. I owned a small business, providing different services to our clients.  

Ever since our organization was found, we had provided a wide range of services to our clients. However, things underwent a lot of changes ever since digitalization took up the industry. This further helped us in improving our business. As you know, globalization is rising in popularity, and therefore, it becomes extremely difficult for small businesses to stand against the big giants of the industry. Since we were gradually growing, it was tough for a middle-sized business like mine to manage all the funds. Thus, my company needed funds. 

Personally, I wasn't really fond of the concept of an investment partner for the company. But, after taking a lot of advice and different factors into consideration, I decided to reach out to expert investors at Oak Hill Capital Partners. As I wasn't able to manage the finances all by myself, I decided to take some additional help from Oak Hill Capital Partners. They were basically my getaway for funds that I couldn't manage alone. 

Before proceeding forward with them, I was very adamant into checking about them. So I checked their reviews, and honestly, I was quite impressed by the kind of reviews they had. We met with their expert team members and shared our goals. I must say they were quite attentive and made sure to understand all my requirements. Post our conversation; they claimed that they would come up with the best solution for my company. Not only that, they assured that they would support us for expansion as well.  

I wouldn't lie when I say they were extremely professional at what they were doing. They visited my office to access all the books. Moreover, they also checked for the nature and operation of our business. Since they were so attentive and quickly delivering everything, all my team members were highly pleased. They showed the professionalism of such high skill that there was no room for any doubt. They were super active, and I was under the belief that I was getting the best service. 

Initially, I was very happy, but with time, the company began showing its original colors. Their true colors showed how big opportunists they were. In everything they did for us, they tried seeking positive profits for them. What I believe is that just because we reached out to them for some financial help does not, in any way mean that we are not capable. Had I wanted, I could have waited a few more months and garnered the funds from my business profit itself. But, I did not want to wait since I felt it was hampering my business. Therefore, I reached out to them for some additional financial support and faster expansion. 

Oak Hill Capital Partners, however, defied all my expectations and proved to be thieves and malicious people. They were trying to profit by working with us. All their terms and conditions of the contracts were in their favor only. Since our company works with a lawyer, we made sure to consult him as well. He explained it to us that the terms had no benefits for us but them. The final draft of their contract had no single benefit for us. This was where I felt defeated and cheated. I was utterly shocked. The complete agreement was made in their favor and not us. Everything was happening wrong. 

I, along with my attorney, confronted them, and they were very polite in refusing it. All they could say was that this is how their terms and conditions are and that they weren't responsible for that. The excuse they made for having such a contract was that in case of losses, they had to bear it. Therefore, everything was meant to be in their favor. So, basically, the entire contract covered them for losses if any.  

Also, I don't even want to tell you how long they kept us waiting before handing us the contract. A contract that could have been made in a few days took one whole month to be sent to us. This was extremely frustrating for every one of us. Therefore, we decided to avoid the company. I am very sure that everything they did was deceit and a complete fraud. 

If they did not find us applicable and were rejecting our proposal, they could have told us instead of staging all this drama. I endowed all my trust on them only to get unfruitful contracts. One major reason why I trusted them was that in their initial few meetings, they seemed energetic, active, and communicative. However, with time, they lost all their charm. 

They made it sound like everything was perfect. We had even made a deposit of $45,000 that we had to lose. Not only did they waste my money but my precious time as well. I mean if you aren't comfortable while working with me, you can tell me. However, even if you're a stranger and have a different company, you ought to maintain professionalism positively. 

One of the most frustrating parts of working with them was that they accessed all our documents. As I said, they had visited my office to check the nature of work. Hence they took our legal documents and information as well. These were really confidential, and even a slight leakage can prove to be a major drawback. These people have access to it and now refuse to communicate. 

Also, I have no idea when they withdrew themselves from the project. Just because I did not agree to their stupid terms and condition, they denied and refused from providing a loan. I must appreciate their manipulative nature for they made us feel like not being able to proceed with the project was our fault and not theirs. They made it appear that it was my company who refused to work with them, while they maintained their high standards of service. So basically, at the end of the day, it was I who was cheated and not the company. I am truly bewildered by their tricks. 

The market is filled with investors, so if you think that you cannot find one for your business, you are absolutely wrong. If you want genuine expansion in your business, I will request you to look out for expert investors who provide you a clear view of terms and contracts. Make sure to avoid Oak Hill Capital Partners as much as you can. This is a plea to you if you wish the best for your business. 

Was it okay to get cheated? 

Honestly, initially, it did feel like it was as if my fault. And I will tell you why. Since the internet is filled with all positive reviews about them, it is very less likely for you to trust something against them. A similar thing happened to me when they did not approve of my request. 

The first thing to strike my mind was that maybe they did not find the business compatible with their terms and conditions, which is why they were taking so much time in delivering the contract. So, I put in a lot of effort to rectify the mistake. I thoroughly checked the legal documentation of the company and functions to ensure that there was nothing wrong. There wasn't. 

I had already made a huge deposit, which is why I was really scared of losing the money. Also, I had invested quite a lot of time, so I did not want to back out of it. But them backing out of the project all of a sudden came out as a shock for me. It is never okay if you are being cheated. 

I faced a lot of trouble to cope up with their terms and conditions. Initially, they were really active and fast, but they, later on, turned very slow. This was the most annoying part. They took one month to deliver the contract, and you can understand how annoying it can be. If they weren't willing to do the business, they could have told me. I relied on them and waited for so long, only to get nothing in return. 

Oak Hill Partners did not even respond to my query and questions. They really have very poor customer service. Their team members weren't willing to listen to any of my problems. When I mentioned my query about why they refused the work and investment, they claimed that we are a small business. So if our business incurred any loss they would have been responsible for it, and they did not want to take such risks. 

They wanted us to feel like they were intelligent people while we were the idiots. Despite making a mistake, they made me feel like it was my fault. 

Are the employees happy? 

Believe me or not, no matter how many happy reviews you read online, not every employee is happy. According to a survey, most of the employees working under Oak Hill Capital Partners are unsatisfied and unhappy. They claim that it is one of the "worst" places to get a job in. 

A successful workplace is one where the employees are happy. If the workplace fails to maintain the happiness level, there is no point of working with it. The employees are continuously disrespected and ignored in the workplace. According to reports, employee satisfaction is the highest requirement of the workplace. 

Their attitude is completely careless, and they are not given any flexibility or freedom as far as work is concerned. Moreover, there is a complete lack of management in their work schedule as well. They expect high work quality for a very low price. You wouldn't believe it when I say that they expect their employees to work even when they are on vacation. 

If you consider communication, it is HORRIBLE. Salaries for employees are very low. Despite no training, they expect their employees to meet their requirements.  

Am I the only one?

I wouldn't have believed you had I been the only one. But I am not the only victim of these criminals. Several other people have filed claims against Oak Hill Partners. A lot of them came forward to share their bad experiences. Some of them were far worse than what I had experienced. 

Do not work with Oak Hill Capital Partners

Being a small business owner, the claimed user reached out to Oak Hill Capital Partners for investment. Their hospice movement was targeted for non-profit, small organizations to help them move forward. However, the concept of hospice movement is very different in the case of Oak Hill Capital Partners. They prioritize profit more than compassion. 

Not only did they prioritize profit, but they made their own profit the major focus. Their terms and conditions included profit for them and not for the claimed organization. She was equally shocked and annoyed by this act. She didn’t expect such unprofessional treatment from a reputed organization like this one. 

However, Oak Hill Capital Partners is not the only one to be blamed for such behavior. There are others as well with similar behavior. It wouldn't be wrong to say that profit over compassion has been a common behavior in the US. Various organizations are opting for such behavior and duping their audience. 

I am tired and disappointed

Every profit that I acquired from my small business was made as a deposit to gain trust from them. But I was wrong in doing so. They refused to help me despite taking so much money. I am extremely frustrated of their service. 

I decided to file a legal case against them, but then I had no proper proof to do it. Even their contracts weren't applicable. I asked to get help from them several times, but they clearly refused to do so. If you have been looking for opportunities to expand your business, it is better if you avoid Oak Hill Capital Partners. Just do not trust them, no matter how convincing they sound.