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31st Jan, 2020

Oak Hill Capital Partners Cost Me My Company

Entrepreneur beware! Oak Hill Capital Partners are dangerous people. Don't let your startup get ruined by them. My friends and I had been working on starting an edutech company for 8 months. It was a very ambitious project. We were very proud of the end product we had but like any startup we were short on funds so we did what anyone else would have done, that is, started approaching investors. That's how we met oak hill capital partners who are a bunch of greedy, irritating and selfish thieves.

My friend and I met with them and they were very interested in our company. When they told us about their interest I can't explain how excited we were. We knew the name of capital and we also knew how beneficial they could be to us. What we didn't know was there they don't look for investment opportunities that look for scapegoats or ideas those people home we had explained everything to and who had shown a lot of interest justice for a lot of equity for very later investment. It was shocking to hear that amount I am not gonna lie, I thought they were joking at first but it was there only offer. My partners and I discussed this for some days but we both knew we were getting a ripoff. 

Obviously we told them no. The person was shocked to hear the response from us but instead of acting professionally he just started warning us. I remember the guy saying, “you don't know what you are walking away from, you are missing out on a great opportunity, you will regret doing this”. I told him that my answer is still no because I didn’t think they were making a good offer. 

My partner and I wouldn’t have left our company to sell for such terrible rates. You might think that we were delusional but we really weren’t. The price they were offering was lesser than the total amount of money we had invested in the company. You can understand what kind of valuation they were doing.

The guy from Oak Hill Capital told us that he’ll talk to other investors and venture capitalists and ensure we don’t get any help from them. 

I thought he was bluffing but he wasn’t. We’ve talked with many investors since then but none of them even lets us meet them. And then we heard that they might be investing in a similar edutech company somewhere else. I had no choice but to shut down our company.  

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