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31st Jan, 2020

Pallab Ghosal is a Big Fraud

Pallab stole $1000 from me!

I had hired him through his website to teach me digital marketing and affiliate marketing. I hoped he’ll help me expand my online business but after he took my money, he stopped responding. The guy is a thief and everyone should stay away from him. 

Don’t consider hiring Pallab Ghosal. That guy is a dangerous scammer who steals money from people. He claims he can teach you how to expand your online business. But before helping you, he’ll take a huge payment and deliver no results. I used to run a small e-commerce store and I was looking for some professional guidance. That’s when I found Pallab Ghosal’s blog, which was filled with useless posts. However, he made some big claims there that got me interested in his services. 

I thought he could help me with my business and give me some advice. But he wasn’t any helpful. He did not respond to me for weeks. I had sent him 2 emails, asking him if he could help me expand my business and give me some tips as he is an expert marketer. Then, one day, I received an email from him in which he told me that he can only help me if I pay his fees. 

His fees were very high so I asked him if he could offer me any discounts. He replied that he can easily help my business increase its profits by 10 times through his affiliate network and his expertise. He told me that I don’t need to pay his full fee at once and I can just pay him 50% of his total fee. He charged me $1000 as his fee, which was a substantial amount. 

After I paid his advance, I asked him about his network and how I can benefit from it. But he stopped replying to me. Pallab didn’t even bother to acknowledge me. He just stopped responding. At first, I thought he was busy but I had sensed that something was wrong. 

Pallab stole $1000 from me and I wasn’t even able to do anything about it. I sent him many emails and I even tried contacting him through his Facebook account, but it was of no use. He is a big fraudster who makes false promises to small businessmen. I had to shut down my website a few weeks later because I wasn’t able to profit from it. I had trusted Pallab and he just betrayed me. 

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