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31st Jan, 2020

Patric Chan’s Social Media Income MasterClass is full of fluff. Don’t buy it.

Like many other people I also wanted to become a digital entrepreneur. In my search for mentors I came across Patric Chan. I thought his blog posts were helpful so I got interested in his other products. I read about him and I thought he is a legitimate guy. After all, he has been an internet marketer for over a decade. I checked out his different programs, books and courses. Finally I thought that Social Media Income Masterclass is the product I should buy. If you don't know let me introduce the product to you. Patric gave a masterclass to some of his clients which lasted for two days. The master class was supposed to be very high end and expensive. But he recorded it and started selling the recording as his Social Media Income Masterclass. The course cost around $500 to buy which if you ask me is a lot. That's not because it is a video course online course. It is because the course is horrible. If you visit the landing page of his program you will see that he has put a lot of effort into it. That's all the effort there is. The course doesn't offer anything.

It seems like Patric just wanted to make a few extra bucks so he recorded some nonsense and started selling it as a masterclass program. I was the whole course and add give me no knowledge whatsoever the only thing I learnt from it is that you should never buy an information product from a sleazy person like Patric. The guy is selling garbage for $500. I tried getting a refund for this course but I was not able to.

I watched those videos and they were all filled with fluff content. You can learn everything he says in the videos through a bunch of free blog posts. I hated that I fell for this scammer. I demanded a refund but his website didn’t process it. You don’t have to spend this much money on something that has so little value. 

There weren’t any reviews available online about this product. But I found several reviews of his other products and I learned that Patric has been scamming people through this method for years. He relies on deceptive marketing and white lies to sell his wasteful courses and information products. 

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