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Christian Arnold
22nd Apr, 2016

Blatantly scamming his investors

This young generation is full of ideas, which is either legit or illegal ways to earn money and be successful. As such service is provided by Patrick Ambron.

Well, if you have not heard his name, let me introduce him to you,

Patrick Ambron is an American entrepreneur and the co-founder of BrandYourself, an online presence management company. Basically, his company is all about improving reputation of an Individual or a company in Google to improve them their rankings, and ultimately downsize their negative feedbacks, and update their positive feedback.

 If you’re even remotely familiar with the reputation management industry, you know that it can be a perilous, high stakes, and high-priced process that might offer more frustration than it does solutions. But is BrandYourself any different? Are they worth the time and money ?

Ultimately, this means that BrandYourself can help promote positive, accurate, relevant online results about you, which allows “everybody put their best foot forward on the web, without being overcharged to do it.”

Whether you’re an individual or business, BrandYourself accomplishes this by using “white hat” search engine optimization techniques (more about this in a moment) to suppress negative and irrelevant information and push it further down into the search results.

 This only means that any company who has  a bad reputation and the same is written by common public online, that can easily be surpassed down with BrandYourself.

 Let me share with you, some examples that provides solid reason as why BrandYourself can be considered as a fraud, and can never be relied upon.

I contacted Patrick Ambron after I found few negative reviews about my company. I called BrandYourSelf to help me delete or suppress those posts on Google.

Patrick and his company BrandYourSelf works for suppressing negative comments and he promised to assist me in getting rid of those posts. I gave him all the links that I wanted to put down in search result.

He asked me to make the payment in advance for every month while he worked to suppress the posts. I was fine with the standard plan which was for $399.99/month. However, he suggested to choose the professional plan that was for $599.99 per month.

I was naïve and he knew everything about the service he was offering. Hence, I did as he said. He told me that the professional plan will be valuable for longer run and will make sure once the posts are suppressed, they do not appear again on the top pages. Patrick is a great marketer. He is confident and knows what he is talking about.

This makes him seem legitimate which he is not. Patrick is a fraud and I started realizing it as soon as I stopped paying him. He is unethical and follows wrong practice to run his company. It would be no wonder if he lies to you for making fast money. As he did in my case.

He promised that the posts would be deleted in few months and never told that it would take so long. While I was in the process of finalizing the company for my problem, I spoke to few more companies and they suggested that the results can’t be delivered so soon. However, Patrick from BrandYourself said that he can do what no one else can do.

That was the reason I chose him over others. But, he failed to do so. When I asked for an explanation, he said that there are few things that we only discover after we start working on the project. He took 8 months to suppress three posts. The budget was getting out of hand. I paid him in advance for 8 consecutive months and the desired results was far to be seen.

I called him and asked him to cancel the subscription. I wanted some refund as well as he was not able to deliver what he promised. But, he gave me list of things that he did in past 8 months and said that he had charged a lot less than what he worked. Finally, I asked him to close the project.

It was after a month of cancelling the services from BrandYourself, I found those three posts on the top page of google. It was frustrating to feel cheated. I called Patrick and he said that he had warned me not to stop services from him. The way he spoke it seemed that he had played his tricks to get those links back on the first page.

Patrick is an unprofessional guy and should not be entertained. I was scammed out of $4800. He never paid back my money and got me to the same position I was earlier after spending such a huge amount. If you ever get a call from Patrick, make sure you know what you are getting yourself into. He can ruin your reputation and will take away your money.

 As a business owner and a reputable man, I looked to Brand Yourself to manage my reputation online. I signed up for is headstart Program and Business strategizing. It was the premium version, and it was supposed to be the best that they had to offer. They had full access to my private domain and I also had access to the do it yourself part. I paid all the starting fees up front.

It seemed to be working for the first three months. My site was shy of negative activity and I had a good following among my sites. After the three month mark, however, things changed. They wanted to charge me $500 more dollars per month due to the change in software. This was something that happened often, so I knew they would raise their prices again.

I canceled my membership altogether. I was only willing to pay so much and there was no point if their prices kept rising. It is a company designed to do so, and the services are not worth the money.

 Below are listed some of those experiences down below, so you can take a look at them yourself.


1. I own a small online store of female accessories and jewelry. There were a number of online complaints registered against my company online so I thought I should get a reputation management company for handling those tasks. When I looked up online, I came across Patrick and his companycom. I thought it was great because the website said a lot of nice things about him and he had a lot of achievements. When I hired them they didn’t show many results quickly. But after a while, my business’s reputation was back to normal. So I canceled my subscription. But as soon as I did, my business’s reputation began to get damaged. I had to hire another reputation management company to handle those affairs. After around 5-6 months of hard work, that sudden issue of fake complaints has subsided. I’m certain that Patrick’s company is a criminal organization. They had kept calling me and telling me how my business might even get ruined if I don’t avail their services. Beware!


2. My company had 2 critical reviews and a Ripoff Report complaint on the internet. I used the BrandYourself free app but it obviously didn’t work. Then I contacted the company itself and they told me that they can get rid of these negative pages without any problems. They said that they would use their Concierge Pro for this case and I will not face any issues. Even though their contract stated that there was no guarantee of satisfying results and/or success, I signed anyways as I was in a hurry. They charged me $5,000 for the 1-year package and they just created 2 free WordPress websites! The negative reviews and the RipOff Report complaint was still there. After the year passed, they told me that they needed 6 more months to get the reviews removed, but seeing the results I told them it wouldn’t be necessary and I asked for a refund. And instead of giving me my money back they stopped responding to my emails. These guys are total fools from which ya’ll stay away from. They don’t fulfill their promise and if you end up giving them your money, you will not get it back.


3. I canceled my BrandYourself dot com self-service membership and the company assured me that I wouldn’t be charged any further charges. However, A few months later I noticed that they have taken $400 out of my credit card and when I contacted the company and notified them about it. I simply asked them to give me the refund, I didn’t act inappropriately and asked them nicely however, they refused to give me my money back. I called them several times and even sent them proper emails, however, they rudely denied the refund and told me to “leave them alone”. It has been a couple of weeks since this incident and I STILL HAVEN’T GOT MY MONEY BACK. This company literally stole money from my credit card! I have called my bank and told them to block this company from doing any further transactions from my credit card. The customer service staff of this company is extremely rude as well. I wouldn’t recommend anyone to use any of their products and especially not do any financial transactions with them. Patrick Ambron has removed almost ALL the complaints and reviews against him. I have attached the screenshots down below for proof. He got these articles removed because they were damaging the reputation that he built and he didn’t want potential clients to know the reality of BrandYourself dot com, otherwise no one would pay him the big bucks.


The above comment clear this doubt that Patrick is undoubtably running a fraud business, which is only a means to charge people for no genuine results.

Then, what is that you are paying for and getting cheated.

As claimed that this company is too big known in business, but to be honest, this is a bit surprising considering the length of time the company has been in business, there are no proper reviews or results available, just some reviews on Glassdoor.

You can also read their complaints on RipoffReport, which appeared to reference failure to experience results. In fact, one reviewer claimed that BrandYourself’s services actually, made a large company’s online reputation worse by including a lot of backlinks.

This same review also called into question the legitimacy of co-founder Pete Kistler’s story about why the company was formed, which is also something that FierceAndNerdy and SwannysRantBox also questioned.


Let’s be aware into getting in these scandals, and rather working hard on your own success !


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