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11th Jan, 2022

Pick n Pay ASAP customer service sucks

GI originally ordered online from ASAP about 3 months ago. Due to a lack of stock I required a refund that took a while to be refunded due to technical issues. However Cazley Petersen provided such amazing follow up service I was swayed to use the app again.

I placed an order for a 12 of Castle Larger to be delivered to my brother (order number 1589149), he received the order of 12 Castle Light, since he has drunk half I had asked that we please have the remaining 6 exchanged tot he brand he does drink.

I was told that a refund voucher for the 6 would be issued and we could keep the 6 for our troubles (a much appreciated gesture) I confirmed with the agent I was speaking to that no minimum required spend for this voucher would be applied and she assured me there wouldn’t be.

Once I received the voucher and I realized she was ill informed, I then requested the cancel the voucher and I rather get the refund because i no longer wanted to use the ASAP app. The ticket was marked resolved at 3:07pm 10 October 2021 as my refund would be processed.

Suffice to say, 2:19pm on the 26 October 2021 i sent an email to Cazley Petersen indicating my refund STILL had not been processed, I provided a screen shot of my banking history to confirm. I was told she would investigate and revert back.

At 2:19 on the 05 November 2021 (today) I requested that Cazley Petersen just re-issue the voucher as i still had not received my refund or any feedback from her. She proceeded to get an agent to call me who no understanding of the issue and basically undermining my complaint.

While it may not be a lot of money, the fact is it still is MY money, I feel highly disrespected in the manner in which this query has been resolved. And all i request is a full refund by COB Monday morning.

And if you have any question WHY Checkers 60 is kicking your behinds regarding online, is because of situations like this, there app is slick, jacked and all queries are effectively resolved with in 5 working days.

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