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21st Feb, 2022

BEWARE! Scam!!!

Where to start?! It’s HOURS on the phone, to get someone who can’t help you! I inadvertently selected the wrong card to make a payment, and I INSTANTLY knew the payment wasn’t going to go thru, you think anyone answered the local phone? NOPE! What about after an hour and a half on HOLD with the main number – NOPE! My email’s – all came back “case closed” – with NO resolution! And now, no way to make an online or phone payment – even with proof of the available funds! LOL So much for “Covid Flexibility! 

I’m getting “HOA” violations left and right – and IDK why?! I got charged for the super tall Palm Trees that needed to be trimmed; There is a certain period of time that FEDERAL GOVERNMENT said NO late fees – did Progress Care – NOPE! Covid sucked! It hit everyone hard – and Progress could care less! Evertytime I think I am FINALLY about to get caught up, I get loaded down with fee or fine or whatever else! Let’s not forget their urgent need to go ahead and tape a 3 day notice to your door, even when you are DILIGENTLY making MULTIPLE payments – every dime goes to progress and every-time I turn around, my balance is out of control but they are raking in the $40 fees!! 

And let’s not forget about “con”service! I am familiar with them, as they do the utility billing for military installations. I always had a beautiful breakdown of gallons or kw used and the rate per. These bills are a JOKE! I swear someone just plays connect the dots with the “gallons” used (on the line graph you get showing your ‘usage;’ – but is it sewer or is it water?! And they are THREE months behind! AND – June 2019, June 2020 – EXACT SAME BILLED usage, actually, like every month is EXACTLY the same. Even tho my line graph shows in 2019 I used 8k gallons and 2020 shows I used 12k gallons – my bill is 80 bux! LOL However in Sept 2019 and September 2020 (which is actually for the usage period between like June and July… I used 5k gallons one year and 7 the next – and BOTH bills are over $100, a family of 3 (2 small kids), NO sprinkler system, no pool, etc… oh yeah REALLY crazy that during the time period I “used” 7k gallons, and had a bill over $100, NO ONE WAS HOME – IT WAS COVID AND WE WERE OUT OF TOWN! 
Something is so shady! I got REALLY sus when I went to check my account the other day on the 29th, trying to get that balance below 250 so I can renew my lease and avoid the 120% month-to-month fee… How a bout the 1st charges are already showing on my ledger – INCLUDING the “month-to-month fee! Nevermind I should be signing my new lease (or should have, will, when SOMEONE ANSWERS AN EMAIL OR RETURNS A CALL!) but hey, I’m sure they have loophole’s galore to justify the fees! 

They “CARE” about their residents?! Doubtful! They don’t make payment arrangements unless you are current (WHY would I need a payment arrangement if I was CURRENT?!), and my payday’s changed from the 1st and the 15th to the 7th and 21st… unfortunately I am still trying to catch up from last year, so paying ahead on the 21st is impossible (especially since everyone else get’s put off because I have to give Progress EVERYTHING I can.. but I’m spinning my wheels and .. oh well, so sad is their thought on that! You think they would change my rent due date? NOPE! Like are you KIDDING ME? so now, why sign a lease right? I’m going to get charged 125 either way.. late fee or month to month.. both actually! Thanks Progress! Oh yea and THANKS for raising rents so MUCH THIS YEAR OF YEARS – like really? Hello?! Did you forget that a lot of people got shafted last year. I didn’t get unemployment that paid me more than my job – I still had to work and made pretty much NADA because my job relies on customers! 

And the really crummy part… I can’t afford to move – they have sucked up all my stimulus $, my tax refund$ and my normal week to week checks with their fraudulent utility billings and these bogus (no one can explain them to me, not even the HOA dude) HOA “fines” … they have successfully trapped me with their fines, fees, and fraud $40.00 at a time! 

STAY AWAY! READ the other reviews that ‘don’t count!’.. I’m sure that’s where this one will end up! 

I will say – once upon a time the local office used to be GREAT.. now, meh.. I get quick non-helpful replies that direct me to the WRETCHED 800#! Can’t even go into the office to pay on an account or talk to someone face to face! I’m not a pain in the butt renter – I leave them alone, they leave me alone. I take care of my stuff.. well except right now I AM gonna get legit HOA violations because I can’t afford to PAY TO DO THE MAINTENANCE on the lawn, and the mulch…HELLO PANDEMIC! BROKE?! And you don’t care that you make it harder everyday to get ahead! Shoot, I’d settle for caught up at this point!

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