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17th Feb, 2022

Worst Rental Experience I Have Ever Had

I would live in my car before renting from Progress again.

First, it is impossible to get ahold of anyone. Everything is routed through their customer service where you will wait an average of one hour EVERY TIME YOU CALL. The customer service cannot help you with anything, all they do is log your request and ask some basic questions from a form they are filling out. The questions almost never make sense for the problem you are reporting.

They never fixed a single item identified in the walk through. I had to file my own tickets later for everything, and often had to call back for a second ticket when they didn’t finish the job. They sent someone out to fix a roof leak but forgot to send someone to fix all the drywall. Etc.

I had continuous AC issues with the house which had an upstairs unit and a downstairs unit. The upstairs would exceed 80 degrees on warm summer days. I fought Progress for three years to get it fixed and they never resolved the issue. I had to spend $1000 buying window units to make the bedrooms and my office livable during the summer. Which also increased my electric bill significantly. I spent most of the July/August 2020 with only my window units when the downstairs AC broke.

Never sign up for their credit reporting services. At one point they mistakenly added some charges to my account. After hours on the phone, the local account manager finally returned my call and said it was an internal system error and to not pay the charges. It took them 3 months to remove the charges. Anyone who had reporting to the credit services was reported as missing payments during that time.

The sewer system in the house had trouble from day one. Upstairs toilets plugged continuously and it was rare that you could flush them without plunging. It eventually blocked entirely and started to backup from the main line. I called their emergency line repeatedly attempting to get a response to an active water leak in the house. They ignored me the entire day and had an after hours technician call me to tell me it was my problem to fix according to the lease. Which is impossible, because no plumber will work on a rental house without landlord agreement. I spent over 8 hours on their phone line over two days attempting to get this emergency resolved. And they charged me $300 for the repair.

Every charge is marked up. Any repair that goes through their service department is marked up significantly. They use a third party billing service to handle water, sewer and trash which doubles service prices and charges you an additional $7.95 as a “convenience” fee.

They are using COVID as an excuse to charge you extra on move out. They would not do a walk through so I was unable to dispute any of their assessments of damage. I was charged for numerous pre-existing conditions to the house like incorrectly installed wire shelving, fixing a door handle that was backwards when I moved in and more. I would love to fight it, but it just isn’t enough money to make me ever call their customer service line again.

Avoid at all costs

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