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23rd Mar, 2022

Never again at Q&M

Started doing braces with Q&M at start of 2022 Unpleasant experience in terms of charges , impatient doctor and overall perfunctory treatment.
1) Charges:
Was told the fees for the initial consultation, X rays and moulds would be waived once I sign the treatment package.
Did not happen when I signed and paid.

Went to talk to the doctor several times about it, refused to waive.

Upon comparison with my cousin who did with Q&M but with another dentist, the difference in fees about $1000. Went to ask the dentist, he got displeased and said why not then transfer me to the other dentist… Threatened me saying that the doctor-patient relationship would be strained.

2) as a patient, I need to know what actions wld be taken for work to be done. He was impatient in the manner he answered my questions and often gave me the pressure that I cannot ask too many questions and had to just settle for what he said and did

3) when I had issues during the review and informed him, simply said “nothing can be done”

And that does it. That’s the final straw for me… leading to this review and write up…Dr Wong Dai Chong. You’re one lousy dentist I’ve ever seen.Q&M may have expanded but not all the dentists there are great.
The charges are so subjective that you wouldn’t even know if you’re overpaying for lousy services.

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