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8th Jan, 2022

Beware of Rilk Wilfrith Dacleu Idrac

Rilk Dacleu Idrac, also known as Rilk Wilfrith Dacleu Idrac is a scam artist claiming to work for a subsidiary of Qatar Investment Authority (QIA).

Rilk, originally from Cameroon claims to be a Harvard educated individual, now managing an investment arm of the QIA, the sovereign wealth fund of Qatar.

He has created a number of websites portraying himself to be wealthy philanthropist living in Qatar.

Both Qatara Global and QIA International Limited (UK) are illegitimate companies and have no connection to Qatar Investment Authority

Rilk does not operate alone and has very sophisticated methods of email masking (making an email appear they are from another domain) from which he will impersonate legitimate individuals working within a company. To the untrained eye these emails seem to be legitimate, only after having an expert look into the email message are discrepancies discovered.

There are a number of articles across the internet relating to Rilk and his fraudulent past, which he has a response to all. I now would suspect all to be truthful. Most recently his involvement in an attempted fraud with Lekoil.

Both his Twitter and Instagram are @Thisisrilk, which he has managed to obtain a ”certified” status.