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Benjamin Greene
22nd Apr, 2016

Avoid Qnet India

Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Mohan Sahani s/o Govind Sahani and I had invested INR 150000.00 in QNET through the reference of one of my friend Shiva Kumar Pandiri.

I was not aware about QNET that what company is and how it works, and one day Shiva told me that he is doing some online business and he is earning well. As I belong to a very lower class family and I have lots of responsibilities so I also wanted to start some second source of income.

Whenever I asked him about the business he always used to say that I’ll let you know. I always requested him that I also want to start the business. One day Shiva called me and said that today you have to attend a meeting at Andheri  The Lalit Hotel.I went for the meeting and after the meeting I came to know that I will have to invest between 2.5 - 9 Lac . So I told to Shiva that I can’t do this business because of the required amount. But he convinced me that this is the best business and don’t let it go and you are my best friend so I’ll speak to my senior so that you can start from less than 2.5 Lac. After one day he called me and said that you don’t need 2.5 lac, you can start the business from 1.5 lac. Somehow I arranged money from my credit card and I took personal loan of 50k.

I blindly trust him because he was my best friend.

Then he enrolled me in QNET and till that time I was not aware about the company and what to do, whenever I asked him he used to say that it’s an E-commerce company. After few days he send me for Welcome meeting where one senior person will tell you the whole story about QNET and how you can earn.

That day I came to know that it’s a chaining system company and I was very sad, after the meeting  I called to Shiva and asked that this is a chaining system which I can’t do. And again he started convincing me that this is different from others.

So I thought that if the company is good and legal then people will come and join this company and I just thought that lets start at least.

Shiva was in Hyderabad so he told me that you have to work with Mumbai team so he introduced me with the team of QNET which are working in Kanjurmarg Mumbai. So I started going there after my office to learn.

So on first day they told me to create contact list, and on second day they told me to call one of your best friend and said that you are doing this business and you are earning very well.

Then I completely understood that this is not a business they are just cheating with people.

Then I asked to Shiva to refund my money but he denied, then I write a mail to company’s email for my refund then they also denied.

When I was checking the bill then I found that Shiva had invested only INR-118000.00 but he had taken INR-145000.00 from me. And when I asked him for the remaining amount then he started ignoring.

I followed up for more than 6 months for my remaining amount and then he returned INR-20000/- only. Now whenever I called him he didn’t respond. I know that it’s been too delay to write a complaint but Shiva used to say that he will give me the refund but now it’s been more than 1 years so I don’t  think that he is going to refund me my money.

I am in huge financial crises because I am paying more than 8k EMI what I had taken from bank to invest in QNET.

So I request you all the respected authorities that please look into the matter and do the needful.

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