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10th Mar, 2019

Beware of QNet India Scam

I was being invited for a Qnet presentation/plan by my best friend's sister. And the way they invite is always they use the personal trust factor and the personal relationship between two people to show that this business is alife changing one and will fulfill your dreams at the speed of Ferrari.

"4 saal mein 4 crore".. That's the theme of the presentation.

I joined the business right on the table. But with the condition "I told my best friend's sister, Didi please mujhe ni samajh aaya business Kya hai? as u said , that it will change my life if I do put my efforts and hard work. BAaki aap ho saath and my money won't be put into a cheat. On the trust, I joined it."

I did the business for few months wid complete trust, loyalty and 100% passion with a belief that it will make my dreams come true.

In the meanwhile, I met my senior upline IRs like Utsav Kapoor, Mangesh Rayewar, Bhupemdra Singh and a lot more.

I also went to the VCON Malaysia as they all said that if u don't attend the VCON, your life won't change and business won't shoot up. I faced negativity from friends and family everywhere whomsoever I showed up the plans in the same manner I was being offered.

My money, efforts and time was being continuously being wasted during the duration I was part of the business. The UPLINE IRs (Mentors in the business) made me do some HOT SIGNUPS i.e, taking money from the close friends and relatives without informing them about the business and registering their names and putting their money into it. Later when money is being put, then we call them and try if they also join and work as well.

So I did this business for almost an year. I put my extreme efforts into it. I lost a huge amount of more than 10 Lakhs INR on the Qnet products + 3 Lakhs running expenses on the Coffee , food, travel, VCON Malaysia expenses, tickets and miscellaneous business expenses and weekly trainings of the business.

During this duration, my immediate UPLINES those who were my mentors and those who said we are there for u always. just keep working hard and never give up. They all started leaving the business and went away due to their personal reasons. I was left alone in the middle with debts, negativities, my personal loans and my dreams being cheated on the trust factor.

By this time it was too late to realise that all my money has gone into something fake that will never get me to my dreams if I don't cheat the other people.

BUT SORRY FOR ME, MY RELATIONS , MORALS and ETHICS mean alot. I stopped doing the business.

MY SUCCESSFUL senior UPLINES MR. MANGESH RAYEWAR and BHUPENDRA SINGH still Chased me for the business. I also requested them to sell my business to someone. On that they said u get active into the business as it will change my life.

I was helpless by now and now I am a much bigger struggler than I was when I joined the business. I pay 50% of my salary into the emis of loan I took for business. I still had to pay the money of HOT SIGNUPs whose money I put into the business on just trust factor.

All I could help after this business is that I don't trust anyone now ever for the money factor. Or fulfilling the dreams through someone's else medium.

Also I confessed to all my close relations that I was wrong and I was cheated and the person who cheated me has left and ran away. I could somehow save my terms wid my valuable people, as I apologized and was being embarrassed by lot of them and I faced the guilt for years. I did the business in 2015 and I am working hard still so that I can repay my debts.

I request you all to please help me in refund of my money so that I can get mine and their hard earned money. And I promise I will support you for this great iniative and truthful move till the end.

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