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Ella Vance
22nd Apr, 2016

White Collar Thieves

We came into this business only on trust on one of our common friend Maria Francis V. The way this business was portrayed to us was completely misleading from the actual way it functions.

Following are the instances where we found that the team was functioning unethical.They approached us stating that this is a Global Business project where in the earning capacity is up to 5 crore whereas they were not clear that the business is a network marketing opportunity in which our income is solely related to our marketing and leadership skills and they didn’t disclose they are IR of Qnet and it is a network marketing business.

During the Business plan they presented unrealistic mathematically projections which were very much deviating from companies compensation plan. The profitability did not reflect an average person can achieve under normal circumstances in the business.

They stressed only about investment they only showed us the financial plan after we invested into the business.

We were unaware about the Virtual office, login credentials, Q pin and liquidation of E-vouchers.When we came to know about the Virtual office, we requested the up-lines to share login credentials but they refused to share it since they were manipulating our accounts.Without our knowledge the up-lines created new Gmail accounts in which all the business correspondence are communicated

They made it compulsion to attend the company events and trainings. They extracted additional money from us to attend this events.

They put undue pressure on us to make telephonic calls to our family friends and barged our telephonic conversations and forced us to give misleading representation about the business.They strictly warned us not to reveal the company’s name and the nature if this business.They did not give us the options to select/chose the product and purchased the products without our willingness. They made us to purchase the products in larger amounts were in we could have started this business by purchasing the product with lesser amount.

They failed to make us aware of the company’s policies and duties of an IR. They also failed to answer our queries fairly and honestly.

These are the following ways the business is been carried in an unethical way:They represented their own income as indication of success and portrayed this business as to get quick rich scheme.

They did not present themselves as IRs of Qnet, instead they told us it’s a high profile business meeting scheduled in a five star hotels were in we are going to meet the top people in the business who are looking out for active business partners.

The prospecting has to be done by the individual but in this system they did not give us the freedom to carry out our business on our own by controlling our business activities.

We were uncomfortable in carrying out the business in the above said manner and approached the violating IR and conveyed him that doing this business in the above manner is unethical and misleading.

We all belong to an average middle class families where in we have been forced to invest 2-5 lakhs without knowing the actual nature of this business. It is very disheartening that we came into this business by taking loans and pledging our gold jewelries. Our moral doesn’t allow us to do this business by misrepresenting the company and this business.Our up-lines Francis, Sushama, Sendhil and Mithun are forcing to approach our family and friends by giving false information.

The most vital knowledge to run this business as an individual is to know completely about the nature of the business the current compensation plan and the virtual office was not clearly convey to us. We are in a severe financial jeopardy were in it has been very difficult to pay our monthly EMIs and monthly expenses. We joined this business completely on the basis of trust of a common friend Francis, hoping that it will minimize our financial obligation.

We tried our best in communication about our displeasure in carrying out the business in the above said manner to our up-lies but they ignored our grievance stating that if we have to continue this business we have to follow the system which they have enforced. Now we are in a situation were in we do not want to do this business in an unethical manner which is against the code of ethics. This has resulted in a huge financial crunch for all us or up-lines are incentive to our plea and have abused us several times.

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