International Career Institute Sydney, NSW, AU

  • 11th Mar, 2019
  • $3,000 Reported Loss

Stay far far away from ICI

  • Report #5YD55
  • Reporter ONESITYCIA

Avoid International Career Institute. Stay far far away. Here's why -


You need to look for accreditation in learning opportunities.

You can gladly pay me tens of thousands of dollars for me to “teach” you anything. The problem is, am I recognized and accepted to teach or am I just some guy who wants you to pay me?

Years ago, I hired a girl who had an impressive education. Her marks were the top of her class and, in reality, she was a great student. The problem was that 90% of her education was online. It was accurate, but no one recognized much of her education because the schools weren’t accredited and physical. They existed online. This didn’t matter to me, for the position I hired her in, but it WOULD have if I was a major business that needed a degree in anything. She was green, but my advantage was that we could also train her. In short, all that money she had sent to the online school was wasted. When she went to apply, later one, there wasn’t a single employer who recognized them. Thankfully, she had gone to a local college and had a real and recognized start that counted toward her future.

When I used to watch TV, I would see ads for different online educational opportunities. How often does Harvard or Yale have ads on TV? This is a sign that it’s starting up and may be iffy. If, however, it’s an existing college/University, they may have online classes that Do count. This is your better option.

The only “mail order” education that I know was legit was that offered to serving military personnel. I remember it as far back as the 80s, and it’s probably into the 70s. Now, there were some courses, like firearms repair, that you could get through the mail, but they weren’t accepted at colleges or really anywhere as a business. They were more for the individual to learn the basics of something that wasn’t taught in a college/university, but by a business, much like the old apprenticeships that we had.

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