Simon Giles Thomas / Graydon Philip Bellingan Zurich, Switzerland, CH

  • 16th Jan, 2017
  • $200,000,000 Reported Loss

Consistent banking fraud

  • Report #5YCNJ
  • Reporter TELEMENUNE

Simon Thomas is a UK citizen who resides in Rome, Italy who says that he works in the banking industry that purchases and sells discounted instruments and has high profile investors for joint ventures and proof of funds for projects.

We were introduced to Simon through a mutual colleague after we were required to source a joint venture partner in order for us to show proof of funds via MT799 for the purchase of oil products.

Simon Thomas said that he had the connection and after we informed him of the transaction he said that he had an approval from Russian investor to issue the MT799 however we were to pay his banking fee of $150, 000 USD. We agreed on this basis that we would pay the fee only in the event that the banking instrument was issued. Simon then Said that the joint venture partner either wanted us to pay to his account or have Simon hold the funds in order to have the fee secured. Because we met Simon from what we thought was a trusted source we decided to transfer the funds to Simon on a guarantee that he would not give the funds unless we received the banking instrument required. This was our big mistake as we did not get the instrument and Simon has not returned the funds. He did not give the funds to the joint venture partner as the joint venture partner has no idea of this whole arrangement. all we get from Simon is promises to return the funds however we have established that he has used the funds for his personal needs along with entertaining himself and colleagues and used the funds to also conduct his own business expenses that had no relation to our transaction.

On numerous occasions he has promised that the funds have been returned and we get told that it should be in our account in coming days and would send through the proof via receipt and still to this day we have not seen any transfer receipt nor any funds in our bank account. He has blatantly stolen the funds or even at best if we are to believe him, he has given the funds to the investor which he claims to have done but in any case he had absolutely no authorisation to do so. We do not believe he has given the funds to the investor as the investor is saying he has not been given any funds at all.

Then we made an arrangement with Simon that he would return only $100k USD and once again all we get told is more stories and promises that funds have been paid over. Once again more lies. We were willing to lose some in order to recover something but that was to no effect also as it is quite obvious that he never had any intention to return the funds and even from the start the funds were obviously taken by him and not for the transaction.

Anyone who is intending on dealing with him needs to be aware of this and be aware that they may lose whatever transaction they may be working on and we urge anyone to ensure that they do not give him any money as they will not see it back and will waste months of there lives trying to chase it back for no avail. Unfortunetely we found out after we started dealing with him and gave him the funds that this is not the first time he has done such thing as there is another notification on him for a similar scenario on Google.

We have involved the authorities and have commenced civil litigation against Simon so anyone dealing with him must take this into account before dealing with him.

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