Tecno Lighting TA iFlux Lighting Shenzhen, Nanshan District, CN

  • 30th Jul, 2019

Short changed

  • Report #5YDAU
  • Reporter COUNKYANYA

Our company entered into a supply agreement with a company in China by the name of iFlux Lighting (this is a trade as the registered company name is Techno Lighting, they are affiliated under a broader holding company by the name of Transsion Holding who in turn own Tecno Mobile, Infinix, iTel and Syinix, Oraimo and Carl Care brands.

This company supplied out company with lighting and electrical products. There were initial errors in the supply, where products supplied were not according to stated standard and this presented a sales issue as the products could not be registered for sale in our country by the relevant authority. We placed a rectification request with the company who duly authorized a credit amount of USD10,000.00 to offset and assist with rectifying the issue. The credit was posted to our account on their system with no conditions at the time of issue. We gratefully discounted the stock accordingly.

We were promised in-country marketing and warranty (post-sale support) and were told an in-country representative would manage the sales channel for all products. This all worked well till such time as our country began experiencing economic issues. Subsequently, no marketing support was provided, the in-country representative responsible for channel management was removed without warning and there is now no warranty structure available.

These, however, is not the biggest issues; this company has now said they will not make repayment of the acknowledged amount (USD10,000.00 credit) nor will they supply stock to the value. Instead, they insist that we should place a re-stocking order and they will then discount the amount of the order. This despite the fact that this company has abandoned the country supply chain!


I have been in touch with a lawyer in China however the cost of engaging the lawyer is unfortunately not worth it based on the fact that recovery of the funds is not guaranteed and we, therefore, could lose even more. I do not believe we will be able to recover these funds but would simply like to warn others of this company bad faith dealings to ensure no one else learns these lessons.

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