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  • 19th Oct, 2017

Hurghada Real Estate Scam! Stay away from these greedy frauds!

  • Report #5YC7W
  • Reporter BONSCOLUTT

At first, I want to make things clear. I’ve been investing in real estate for 10 years. I’ve been doing it all over the world in all kinds of countries; almost on all the continents. I’ve been through a lot of contracts; I’ve been through a lot of lawyers, a lot of property. I’ve sold tens of hundreds of properties. I’ve been operating in the real estate industry for years but I have never ever seen something like this. I have never ever met such an unprofessional team like these guys in Hurghada.

I invested a lot of my money into this project. As I always do. I know that you can make money only with money so it is not a problem. I invested here and there without personal presence. No one ever cheated me as badly as they did to me.

So I invested millions of dollars into this project. I bought a big apartment complex in Hurghada in the summer of 2015. The building was in need of renovation. So I made a contract with an Egyptian builder to renovate the property to be good enough to be able to sell it. I was told that it will not be a big deal. Everything would be done in time. It was just a little routine work.

I also asked for the help of a lawyer Zeiad Yehia from Edgebridge Law Firm. At first, I thought that it would be the same as always. They do the job, the lawyer helps me with the paperwork and contracts and then the property will be ready to pass away. Well, it was not like that!

I’m in this nightmare for years now. At first, he emailed me with contracts, provided me with information on the ongoing project. I was told that everything was fine and the property was almost ready. They told me the possible date when the building would be ready and he provided me with a lot of false information. Zeiad Yehia cheated me, scammed me and literally stole my property. Every time I tried to contact him, he totally ignored me. I’ve already sent him emails, called him; I even flew to Hurghada to stop this whole thing but I didn’t even find him!!

I could not meet him so my trip to Hurghada was for nothing. As it turned out later, Zeiad Yehia signed the property in his own name! Every time I try to contact him, I get only silence as an answer. When I went to the complex, it was literally in ruins. It didn’t look like it was ready.

Zeiad Yehia lied to me. He asked for a lot of money for the contracts; I had to transfer his fees and the fees of the contracts in a hurry because I was always told that this fee must be paid to be able to move forward and they didn’t want to delay as they have so much work with other investors.

I always transferred the money in time. Zeiad Yehia pulled out a lot of money from me. And now he has disappeared. He ignores me. Now I can’t sell the property because his signatures are needed for the contracts as he owns half of the property! Yes, he signed half of it in his name behind my back. The work is halfway ready and I can’t move forward with this because his signatures are needed everywhere. If I want to sell it, if I want to hire a new builder…he needs to be there. But no response! No answers. I am stuck here.

I found some other victims of Zeiad Yehia’s cheating. Their story is extremely similar to mine. The lawyer disappeared. No response. Later I got an email from him that he lost his jobs and partners because of my bad reviews. OH really? Shall I say sorry or what? I was happy that I got an email from him because I thought that finally, we could stop this whole nightmare and I could move forward but after I’d sent him my response, he totally ignored me again!

How can I work with someone who is not able to keep in touch and disappears for months!? My project is in ruins. This is the worst investment I have ever made. I don’t know where to go, where to start. I was cheated; I was brutally scammed. He took my money, half of my property and I can’t reach him!

Avoid this lawyer Zeiad Yehia! He is a scammer! A cheater!

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