Escape international Paris, Paris, FR

  • 25th Jan, 2017
  • $20,000 Reported Loss

Escape International-You’re such a big mess!

  • Report #5YCM8
  • Reporter BROMOSCOCH

I happened to meet Billy at the coffee shop around three months back. I was really taken by the way he looked, so polished and the moment he starting speaking to me about the pyramid money making scheme he had for his company called Escape International, I was just like an idiot all ears to his really amazing style of speaking.

He introduced himself as a free-lance rep of the company making so many people in the US making it big using his schemes and offers. I happened to exchange my contact details and email ids, and he also did the same from his end.

I’m Jack Rutz and thought that this amount that I invest in will surely help both my daughter do well after school. And to mention this con man’s full name, he introduced himself as Billy Johnson. He offered me a well-structured and organized plan that was just a trap to fuckin loop me!

You guys can contact on this particular page itself if you need more details. I have enough evidences to rock the hell outta these scammers.

As we went further discussion about his offer and scheme, this son of bitch told me about the unusually fast and lucrative scheme that no other way would come your way in business. We chatted upon rolling out the various business modules, taking up several franchises, but the risk factor is always there and once the business fails, the entire sum goes in for a toss.

He introduces his company going by the thought of networking marketing wherein the failed business will be taken over by them and we would be assured the given profit, no matter what! It surely sounded dreamlike, by the bloody scammer was apt enough to make it sound so realistic and great. According to him the particular business franchise would be regularly monitored and if required the risky factors would be dealt by this conning and scam company to make sure the owners not at all at risk.

I had always been interested in owning up a business of my own and was never really interested in a typical blood sucking job. But the risk involved has always been pulling me back.

Johnson approached me in the month of December 2015, with his amazing offers and risk management company goals, only to rip me off. I still curse my crazy self for getting into the crappy trap he had laid so well only to loop me. He told me that in order to make my business take off and sustain, his company will provide me with leads and I will have to pay them for those, anyways. But the only security I found was that no matter what, at least doing business with this company make my finances secure and constant.

I will never believe such shit group of scammer again in my life! I have some of the most concrete evidences to support my genuine cause of these guys conning me that cost me a fortune. I have already invested a big bucked of $20,000 and I’m now standing there all by myself, depending upon my lord and destiny.

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