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  • 7th Jul, 2019

Vijay Eswaran

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Vijay Eswaran is a Malaysian based businessman. Having founded QI group in 1998, an ecommerce conglomerate with businesses in travel, media, telecommunications, wellness, luxury products, training and corporate investments. QI group has regional offices in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Honkong and presence in nearly 10 countries through a wide range of subsidiary companies.

QNET has been the centre of various controversies over a period of time. QNET is a direct selling company wherein they sell its products through independent representatives so as to distribute marketing and advertising commissions among them.

Lately the company is observing a pyramid scheme because of the fraud cases being put up by unknown people who claim to ONET’s independent representatives. As per the revenue model, ONET spends 50-55% as marketing cost on their products.

I had been approached by QNET’s Individual Representatives (IR’s) a few times. I had decided to give some time to this and was inquisitive to find more about what this is all about? And AS I had been suspecting , this was just a scam! The QNET IR’s who are approaching you to buy their products and invest money are nothing but duping people of India on everyday basis. So many people in India are getting trapped into this scam. You end up in a very bad financial position as you get trapped. Worse is if the people who trust you fall in the same position as they get trapped. These people post pictures of expensive trips and hotel stays in Malaysia, Thailand, etc. and are asked to share this on social media to lure other people. If in Malaysia or any other country, they travel on their own expenses which they call business trips, and are made to do calls from their temporary business numbers to their friends and family asking for 2.5 -6 lacs for the position being opened for them .The business is built on lies and is full of deceit. It’s a money laundering scheme. These people either rent or buy audi like luxurious cars on loan or emi and flaunt it with the pictures on social medias expressing their gratitude for the business opportunity to entice and lure people. On everyday basis, there are criminal cases of scam and fraud filed against QNET IR’s. It’s a lie they tell you that they’ll take only 10-15 hours per weeks’ time. You end up having no free time of your own, engaged in calling more people, following up them, meeting your teams and spending hours planning things, etc, you end up feeling drained out and exhausting mentally and financially. A total expenditure of 13-14 lakhs is spent on and the expenditure increases as you grow in business. Hopefully you’re getting the picture of what it looks like and ending up buying costly cars and flaunting it! In short, you kill your humanity, lose your friends and family who trusted you in such ponzi scheme! The company is just concerned about the profits IR’s bring and not how they do it. Its an absolute scam and besides losing money, you’ll end up losing respect, self-esteem, confidence.

The Nepalese home ministry, the Srilankan central bank and the Iranian government has banned the Gold Quest citing the claim to have caused millions and billion dollars to leave the country.

The Economic Offences Wing (EOW) of the Mumbai police after a 3 year probe filed a chargesheet against former billiords champion Michael Ferreira and 29 others in connection with the QNET scam.

In Moldova, the wife of a police officer was found to be the organiser of the largest scams of the nation. Case of QNet which was closed by prosecution for lack of evidence was again started with fresh investigations after receiving numerous complaints from defrauded people.

Big names in Bollywood and Cricket have been served notices in Cyberabad Police in Hyderabad for their promotion in QNET , a scam ridden multi-level marketing firm that has allegedly duped lakhs of investors in the country. Notices have been served to Shahrukh Khan, Anil Kapoor, Boman Irani, Vivek Oberoi, Cricketer Yuvraj Singh , Pooja Hegde for their alleged promotion and endorsement of QNET. The company advertises if Shahrukh is doing, why cant you? There must be more than 4lakh people who got duped across the country.

It has been also claimed that QNET is using Mahatma Gandhi name to run its unethical business.

If you are educated enough and understand what exactly Network Marketing company does, then beware of QNET SCAM.

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