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  • 8th Oct, 2017

e-DataPro and Senthil Kumaran are frauds, you lose your data and documents as well as money.

  • Report #5YCCO
  • Reporter HENTRIABLE

Senthil Kumaran of E-DataPro is a fraud. He told us that he would offer us a glitch free transition from paper to a paperless system. He has not only failed to deliver it on every deadline, but also lost important documents given to him.

We are a small company, Intent Technology, and we were transitioning to a paperless format. We were looking for a company that would provide us no glitch transition and that’s when a colleague suggested e-DataPro. We had never done business with the company before and never heard of it either. My colleague too didn’t have any direct contacts with e-DataPro but just an acquaintance that he met in some tech exhibition.

We found Senthil’s website that was filled with his contact information, companies he worked for and testimonials. The site said that he has worked with the likes of Indian Railways, Voltas and Tata Consultancy to name a few. Seeing his testimonials and list of companies we thought that he must be a rather large company and would be perfect to help us in our transition.

We called him over to our office and he started boasting about his work. He spoke of the 60+ staff with pride and said that his company provided the best work be it in content or scanning. He suggested that he host our website and that he would do the SEO writing for the site too. We didn’t want to think ahead of us and gave him a box of documents that needed to be scanned asap. Senthil took over the documents and said he would mail us the pdfs within a week.

We didn’t for a minute think that Senthil was a freelancer or that his company was run from his home. He gave us the impression that he was a big shot with a posh office and lots of staff. But the fact was Senthil was a freelancer and a fraud. He didn’t have the equipment or facility to carry on business, this truth we didn’t realize till it was too late.

He handed over the pdfs within a week and we were impressed with his work. We told him we wanted to work with him and handed over all our documents to him. Before we could hand over the documents he had fixed the price for it and added that he wants to complete payment in advance. We made an exception and paid him the complete amount. We handed over our documents and he was to send them back in parts.

We were due to get the documents every two weeks, the first fortnight he sent documents but there were a few missing, we called him at +91-44-2686-1481 and +91-44-2686-0109 but the numbers weren’t working so we called him at +91-9840178650 and told him that some documents were missing and he sent them over. It never struck us to ask why his landlines weren’t working, but we later found that the numbers were disconnected due to non-payment of bill.

The next delivery date he didn’t send the documents over and gave an excuse that his staff was on leave owing to some festival and he would make up for it the following week. From them on all we got were excuses after excuses for delay and non-delivery. Working with him was starting to become a cumbersome process as half the time we couldn’t reach him and he would say that he was out of town and what not. After losing a considerable amount of time we had no option but to force him to return our documents. There was laxity in his work, the documents weren’t being scanned properly and many times we had to ask him to rescan and resend the documents.

After two months of putting up with him, our management made the decision to get the documents back and we had a tough time finding Senthil. He refused to answer calls and we couldn’t locate his office, after a lot of trouble he found his residence from where he was working and were forced to get our documents back. We found that he had lost several of our documents and some were even eaten by rats.

We ended up losing the money that we paid to him as well as some important documents along with precious time. Beware of this scammer. He is a thug who will sweet talk and try and get business which he can’t possible do. He doesn’t have a company like he boasts, he is a freelancer and doesn’t have employees either. Stay away from this liar.

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