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  • 4th Nov, 2017

PaveStone Brick Paving just like any other scamming company, all they care about is making a sale. Lying scumbags!

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The worst thing about this story is that they came highly recommended. They knew exactly who referred them to me and simply did not care about it. I guess there is no moral standard of any kind when you are only interested in making a profit. And how do they even go about their business is just as wretched as their attitude, but we will get to that.

I bought a lot next to mine and wanted to erect a small workshop where I could have all my tools and work on my car and other projects. Like I said, Armstrong came highly recommended and I picked them for the project. We got the measurements, did all the prep work and it was time to talk money. Now this asshole I was arranging the whole deal with was a real salesman. What I mean by that is that he completely misled me in order to make a sale and collect his share of the pie. I asked for honesty and was already ready to close the deal with them; he didn't have to screw me over but he chose to. He simply lied to me just to make sure the deal got closed.

So the entire workshop was supposed to be 19x22x4.5 feet. When I asked for the estimated cost, he told me $16,500 for the steel, and that he would negotiate a good price for the side panels for another $6,500. Erection costs should have come under $3,000 as well and the entire thing would have been just under $25,000 to complete.

This is what actually happened.

I bought the materials from Armstrong for $22,500. Delivery was $989, plus $165 on the fuel which I never heard anyone charges for. The levelling of the lot which Michael K. (cunt from Armstrong steel) assured me it would not be necessary, was another $5,500. The foundation of the pillars and the base concrete structure was more than $6,000 as well. There were some additional charges I can't even remember that were never mentioned by Michael. The only thing that was true is that the erection was under $3000, $2,999 to be precise.

Now comes the fun part. I paid all that and these idiots from Armstrong completely fucked it up. So $38,000 later when it came to finally complete my workshop, the steel beams and the other material they sent were not to specs. These retards completely missed the precise dimensions we’d agreed upon. And the pillars were already set in concrete. A complete disaster. It took another $11,000 to correct their mistakes. I complained about this to their offices but they simply shrugged the whole thing off.

Instead of paying the original $25,000, the entire project ran just below $50,000 which is double the amount of what they told me it would be. And just to get one thing straight, if they would have said it would cost this much, I would have still done it, but why lie to me that blatantly? Why would you deceive a customer like that? I'll tell you why.

These bastards only care about the sales and their commissions. They completely neglect the customer needs and only focus on making the fucking sale. And you are then left with extra charges later and if you cannot cover those, you wasted your money on the material you bought from them in the first place. So fucked up!

And one more thing! What I’ve managed to find out since my ugly experience with them is that I wasn't supposed to use them for delivery at all. I could have used a third party and it would have cost much less than they charged. And the deposit of $2,000 I left before closing the deal was not necessary at all, but Michael lied about that as well. And when I got the material that was not to specs, I could have returned it and asked for a complete refund from them; not just for the materials, but for all the other charges as well.

The fact that they came recommended was the only factor I even dealt with these idiots and because it was a good friend of mine who referred them, I opted to let this all go. I could have sued, but I am not a greedy bastard. I just want to warn everyone out there to be careful when conducting business with these guys and don't get lazy. Do your research and find the best option for you.

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