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  • 10th Jan, 2017

PATHETIC customer service by Mahabis Slipper Company and wrong size chart to befool people

  • Report #5YCKQ
  • Reporter LVATTERSWI

Mahabis slippers are raved all over the country for no reason. The slippers are so much overrated in my experience. Any business that does not value their customers is anyway not a great business.


I was looking to gift these slippers to my sister as a Christmas present and I very well know that in order to get timely deliveries on Christmas, we must order well in advance. So, I being a person who doesn’t like being late, ordered these slippers in the 2nd week of September. My name is Chris by the way.

So there was a lot of time between September 2nd week and December last week (Christmas time) for a gift to arrive. I thought I'd be having the gift in my hands at least a month before Christmas and my sister would be glad to be owning these slippers.


Her size was 39, had always been so! According to the size guide chart on their website , it seemed that the dimensions of my sisters feet would make it to size 38 and I should be buying 38 to have her fit in those slippers properly. I ordered the same sized slippers and I expected to receive them somewhere in October.


The entire October month passed and the delivery was not attempted. So, I contacted them through customer contact form first and when it fetched no result, I gave them a call and enquired about my order status. The executive named Peter assured me of the delivery in the coming week but that didn't happen as well. This was the case when I had placed an order in September. Imagine if I would've placed the order in October or November, I'm very sure my sister wouldn't have received her gift by the Christmas Eve.


I received the packet in the end of November after several calls and reminders that I made to them. I kept the gift aside and waited for the festive season to arrive.


I presented the slippers to my sister on the Christmas eve. I was expecting that she'd like the modish looking comfortable slippers and would be happy on the occasion.

We were disheartened to see that the shoe size was way smaller than her foot size. So the company has clearly put up a wrong size guide on the website which is not acceptable from a shoe company because this way people would be just ordering and returning time and again.


Firstly, she was unhappy on the Christmas day! Then when I called Mahabis people to return the item, they told me that the standard return time was 14 days and that I can’t return it now. How can they keep the standard return period to be 14 days when someone is ordering for the Christmas present? This is really stupid on their part!

When I ordered an item which is wrapped as a Christmas present and is supposed to be opened on Christmas Eve, how can you expect the return being made in 14 days?

I would obviously not open up the present until Christmas right?


These people have a deceiving policy. I again called them after a week requesting them for an exchange or refund because no one in my family had a shoe size 38, neither my sister nor anyone else.

The executive named George told me that all the information was there on the website and I had no right to give them a call for exchange or refund beyond 14 days.

Ya man!! I should’ve known that my Christmas present would be up for return and I should’ve opened it up in November itself. Mahabis people are totally stupid and not at all customer friendly.

The service is poor and the customer care staff is completely rude. They don’t give you 2 minutes of explanation or apology. They simply throw a plain answer towards you and back away.


I should have read Mahabis customer service reviews before I made this purchase, so I could’ve saved myself money and would’ve gifted my sister a better present!


Mahabis taught me a great lesson in choosing the right website for shopping first before choosing the right product.



I'm writing this as an experience for people to read and be aware of. No one should have their money gone like I did.

On secondary notes, if anyone wants to buy shoe size 38 in Mahabis slippers (I’m writing this with very little hope) could please contact me. I would give away the stupid slippers for an amount lesser than the original.

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