• 30th Jun, 2017
  • $85 Reported Loss

Misreprsented the star category of the hotel property. It works like a bait and switch scheme with no refund.

  • Report #5YCOL
  • Reporter MORSINFRUP

I got cheated on a bait and switch promotion on  Customers beware of this company.  They will not listen to a cooperative and loyal customer trying to tell them that has an error in their offering.  After hours (seriously - 3.5 hours on two seperate calls) of phone time, I was promised two time that an executive will call me back.  They don't call back.  Well now I am going to tell it all to everyone I know what happened.

I purchased an express deal on for a hotel room.  I review the online listing of offered properties and I chose to get a three star category hotel.  A three star category is advertised on their website as "similar to Hyatt and Courtyard by Marriott".  I do understand that the express deal term that "will reveal the hotel name and address after you book".  I also understand that the deal is unrefundable except at the descretion of the hotel.  I was good with that term. 

I booked a three star category property at the offered price.  I received my confirmation at a Best Western property.  No concerns yet because I cannot make a determination based only on a name.  I arrived to find a property that was far, far from the category I selected.  This Best Western property was a Motel...a motor inn.  I don't descriminate motels for what it is because I've stayed in many of them.  But I did not agree to purchase a stay at a one star category property, in my opinion.  I can describe the property in great length with pictures.  I have made a career of traveling.  I've stayed at every star category to know the difference. has categorized this motel into the three star category and claims that they are right.  I say is wrong and may be perpetuating a fraud.  Any right minded person would know the difference.  They made the error in categorizing this property into the three star category.  They need to defend why this Best Western property meets their own description "Similar to Hyatt and Courtyard by Marriott".  The only similarity I would give them is that all of these properties will take your money in exchange for a room for you to stay.  That's it.  The quality and amenities are far, far different.

I informed of their error by phone when I arrived at Best Western.  I stayed there and talked on the phone for 1 hour and 40 minutes and concluded with a promise that a customer service dispute resolution executive will call me in 1-2 days.  No one called.

I made a second call after 3 days had passed.  Long story, short...same result.  No one called back as promised.

I called my credit card company and filed a complaint for fraud.  Now, has to deal with my credit card company rep to get any money.  My CC company has already given me a perminent credit to my account for the amount.

This happened to me.  I can imagine that a large dotcom like has tens of thousands to transaction per hour, everyday.  I can't be the only one with this problem. I already know that it isn't because the hotel manager at Best Western told me so.  This is a known problem by the fact the other guests to this problem had expressed similar reaction when they arrived.

What going on here with  FRAUD, i think.  Customers of should speak up about fraud like this.  I think there are so many people in the same situation as this that a CLASS ACTION litigation can be justified.  Hey... are there any smart lawyers out there that can see this Fraud going on.  Contact me if you need a witness to a possible litigation.







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