Vajira House Builders Pvt. Ltd. 23 Deal Place, Colombo, LK

  • 12th Oct, 2017
  • $35,000 Reported Loss

Vajira Life Ruiners Pvt. Ltd.! Hire them if you are looking to get ruined!

  • Report #5YC91
  • Reporter COGRANDIST

If destiny or adventurism take you some day to Sri Lanka, be sure not to do any type of business with Vajira House Builders and their owner Mr. Chandima Rupasinga!

My job took me to Colombo, Sri Lanka 3 years ago, and my agony is still present! I sleep really poorly, I've lost almost 30 pounds because of stress, my hair has turned gray overnight and I am close to filling in for bankruptcy!

All because of this CROOKS from Vajira House Builders! They are a major fraud company! They will either put your money in their pockets or they will use it to pay their old debts. One way or the other, you will end up totally broke and mentally wrecked, just like me.

Being a foreigner is not much of a help. Now my days are passing usually in courts with translators, lawyers, and other administration. This too cost me a lot and you know what the costs of the usual court system are today. Slow and expensive.

Not just that, I have lost my money in purchasing a house from these thieves, or better to say a never finished house, but I'm still losing money on bringing them to justice.

I received an offer to work in Sri Lanka as an English teacher, and this offer really woke up my adventurous spirit. Like I mentioned, it was almost 3 years ago. I lived in a hotel for the first few months and I really started to like their mentality and the days on my new job.

One day, I came to an idea that I’d settle there for good and buy a house.

That's how I found these Vajira snakes and their owner Chandima. We easily agreed on the conditions and payment. He promised that my new home will be completed in 14 months and that I should make payments comparatively with 5 stages of house building.

We signed the formal agreement, and I was really satisfied with my future. The house was situated near the school where I was working, but pretty far from my hotel (my residence at that time). For that reason, I only visited the site during the first two stages of construction. This happened to be my biggest mistake, besides the fact that I shouldn't even have started anything with these snakes. If I were there during all the stages, I would’ve noticed this scam way earlier and in that way, I would’ve saved plenty of money, time and nerves!

Because I had too much work, for later stages these fraudsters would send me emails with photos of the current state of construction and I would send them money in the bank account.

After I received an email with photos of the completed stage 4, I decided to check my future home in person because the end of the construction was near and they were due 2 months from the agreed date. I wasn't worried at all because there are delays all the time in the construction business. Or that's what I thought then.

I drove around 2 and a half hours and when I came to the site, I think I had a pre-cardiac arrest condition, no kidding! The construction site was completely empty and it looked the same as it had at the beginning of the second stage. Photos which they sent me turned out to be fake, and they were using them as a bait for my payments. Just to be clear, I sent them over $35,000!!!

Like I said, the house looked really bare. Foundation with only some of the walls covered with isolation and that was it. No sign of water connection or electricity. No windows, no doors.

The roof looked like a swiss cheese, so basically, the house was all flooded.

The side of the house which was covered had mold all over it. A real nightmare!

I can't remember clearly the profanities which I used during my conversation with the Vajira people, Chandima, his secretaries...I just blacked out. I remember that he was apologizing constantly, persuading me that it's just a small delay, that it will be finished in a couple of months, etc.

Like I wrote at the beginning of this report, 3 years have passed now since I sent them my first payment and my Frankenhouse is looking the same.

I have found out that many contractors abandoned Vajira because they didn't pay them at all. Also, I managed to find at least 20 similar cases as mine, with screwed people just in the Colombo area!

Even in this hardest period of my life, I still hope for a light at the end of the tunnel.

Case is pending, share this on the web and keep your fingers crossed that we punish Vajira Life Ruiners!!!

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  • 20th Nov, 2017

These comments seems to be fabricated as they do not provide any details or proof of any such events. When you read through these comments it is evident that they are published with the intention of damaging the company reputation. Comments are very vague without and identifiable details, identifiable names, locations, The only clear thing is that our trade name "Vajira House Builders " is mentioned in this post. certain comments indicate that our company is fraudulent and an attempt should be made to punish the company. We vehemently deny such false accusations. False accusations of a crime towards a certain person or organization is a very serious offense. In this case this person has published such comments with the intention of damaging our reputation. They are giving out a false indication to the public that the company does fraudulent work, provides in efficient services. If any such events happened they should publish the agreement which was signed by both parties, or any other documents or evidence which can be proven for such accusations.We sign a clear valid agreement with each and every customer. All these comments are false, anonymous and baseless done purely with the intention of damaging the company reputation and trademark.