OptionsXO Majuro, Ajeltake Island, MH

  • 12th Oct, 2017
  • $2,600 Reported Loss

Do not invest any money in OptionsXO, you will never see it again

  • Report #5YC42
  • Reporter GENDRICTIT

I gave online trading a shot in April 2014. I was just looking to make quick easy money, and from what I’d heard from colleagues, auto trading seemed like a great option for me. I made sure to do a lot of reading up on what it was all about so I wouldn’t be at the mercy of anyone. And yet, I was cheated.

So I chose to invest in OptionsXO, after doing some basic research on brokerage companies. Biggest mistake of my life. Their service was horrible, and I lost countless hours trying to get them to simply respond. I had started with a simple $100 deposit. Over the course of the first fortnight, I worked at it and made a significant profit. Significant here meaning a $2600 profit. At this point, I realised I could put the money I made to good use buying some things for the home. So I put across a request for withdrawal. This is when all the problems started.

When I got in touch with representative from OptionsXO, they informed that I was not allowed to withdraw all my money at once. They told me I would have to leave $1000 in my account. I had no idea such a rule existed and was astonished. When I asked them why it was so, they never gave me a logical response. They simply evaded the question. Not just once either. I spent hours on the phone every day for the next two weeks trying to talk to someone from their customer service department, all for nothing.

The one time that the call went through, after hours of sitting by the phone and listening to automated messages, I got no solutions to my problems. In fact, when the phone was “picked up”, it seemed to be an accident. No one seemed to be listening on the other end of the line, and it sounded loud and chaotic. That’s not what one usually expects from an office. My suspicions that this company was nothing more than scam only intensified at this point. I sent them multiple emails and tried to get a response from their representatives through their live chat option too. Nothing different happened. In fact, the few times that I did get in touch with people, they tried to get me to invest more money into their useless company, believe it or not! They’ve been extremely obvious about this, asking me to take out loans with them, or even a new credit card. And when I obviously refused, they did the easiest thing – they simply hung up on me, knowing I wasn’t going to buy into their crap once again.

This company is an unregulated nutjob of a company run by bastards who are out to just rip you off. There have been six other complaints against them. One person was told they could only withdraw funds when they had multiplied their initial deposit a thousand fold!

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