OptionsXO Majuro, Ajeltake Island, MH

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  • 11th Jan, 2017

OptionsXO must be burned down! They are frauds, cheats and thieves!

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  • Reporter NATTEXTONT

As a victim of the OptionsXO scam, I have no words more important than these – DO NOT TRUST ANY ONLINE BINARY TRADING COMPANY BLINDLY! MAKE SURE YOU DO YOUR RESEARCH FIRST! I came across OptionsXO through an acquaintance from Los Angeles. When he informed me of the quick pay out time and relatively low investment options, I got lured to make some quick steady investment. What more will a man in his fifties like me want than to stash some good amount for the rainy days.

So I went online and opened an account with them making my first investment of $4000. Within a week’s time my amount had doubled. I was so excited that I got terribly annoyed later when they told me that they had some $1000 cap for all withdrawals. I was looking forward to gifting my wife something real nice when this news came up. You can imagine how furious I got!

So I called the service team to check on this nonsense and why I wasn’t informed about it before. Instead all I get after 3 hours of holding and transferring my call is some random guys on the other end playing some party music, laughing, hooting and cheering someone named Andrea! I mean for Christ’s sake! How much more worse could this get?! Was this some sorta prank company? Like that one that delivers that glitter shit to your enemies!

I have clearly lost my money!! I hope you don’t lose your too to these bunch of fraudsters!

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