Everus Technologies Petaling Jaya, Kuala Lumpur, MY

  • 15th May, 2018


  • Report #5YD3Q
  • Reporter IABLECERIT

Srinivas Oddati the founder of the Everus is a total scumbag. Trust me. I know people who work for him. Liar, cheat, ponzi manufacturer, racist (hates the chinese and malaysians, doesnt trust them) he is an indian from india living in malaysia with no work visa, no taxes paid. has a few companies and owes the govt a heck of a lot of money on taxes including the customs for GST (those familiar with malaysian laws). According to my friend who unfortunately happens to work for him, he is withholding their pay for the last 3 months to ensure they dont run away. both in india and in malaysia. yet he runs around with his wife and dog in expensive suits and SUV. lives in high class apartment with VERY VERY TIGHT SECURITY so that no one kidnaps him or his wife.

Average pay for his staff is $400. how do you expect any loyalty or quality?? Most of the staff on his website have left. conveniently did not update.

He purposely hired a drug addict white face to front the coin. The so called indian vip in the website is a relative from his wifes side….. PLEASE EVERYONE STAY AWAY FROM THEM, DONT INVEST A PENNY!!!! ABSOLUTE SCAMSTER and scumbags, their sole intention is to only fool their investors. beware!!!! they are already being investigated by the malaysian authorities for a crime their employee did.

Alexander johnson the co-founder of this company is a murderer, criminal and a drug addict. he not only dupes his investors but also is a threat to the society. an 18 year old girl was find bruised, drugged and killed in his apartment, she was a dutch model, and this cold blooded criminal just took her life. He tried his best to make it seem like an accident, but failed, he tried his best to threaten her parents to not pursure this case as well. He has no ethics, morals and dignity, can go to any limit. This is just another ICO made with the objective to con people and loot peole of their money, show them unreal dreams, raise their expectations and then later on vanish into thin air. Do not trust your hard earnerd money with a fraudulent company which is founded by criminals and people who are evading various legal actions and have been hiding illicit and illegal activities that they have done all their life. there are many other legit companies out there for you to invest, if you are thinking of investing think twice, if you have already invested then cash out and stay as away as you can from them. Please also advise all your friends and family to not get lured and not fall in their trap. be it the founders or the management or the way they operate and advertise, everything is a sham and everything should be investigated by the authorities, i have many friends who have had a horrible experience and regret investing with them. there was a time when even i had fallen in their trap, until my friend who used to work with them revealed and told me everything and showed me evidence i couldnt believe. i feel bad for the people who are victims of everus, lets all unite and take action and boycott such an illicit company, lets make as many people as we can aware and lets try to stop more innocent people from getting connned and looted. i am sure sooner or later, the authorities will apprehend and convict both the founders of the company and they will be in prison. 


Why is it that everus is not in major exchanges? Just maintaining in 3 exchanges. CCX and Cryptopia are mafia exchanges where our coins going missing. As before going into market these guys mentioned that they are going to major exchanges but they never did. It seems coin is dead. They have just been talking and showcasing unrealistic things but dont have logical and rational answers when question. 


Investors Beware and if you have anything to share or say, or if you have any evidence against these scamsters please upload, and lets name and shame each and every one of them online!

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  • 22nd Jul, 2019

Hi, I am researching Everus, would you mind contacting me, [email protected] I would like to ask you some questions about your article. Thank you.