Sharon McLoughlin SE

  • 27th Jan, 2019
  • $1,000,000 Reported Loss

A Female Stalker Sharon Mcloughlin is reporting false claims on Name and Shame

  • Report #5YD4P
  • Reporter SSATHEROSQ

There is a female stalker in Sweden named Sharon Mcloughlin, making false claims and accusations against a North American business man. She reports she paid $55,000 dollars to the company, she did not. She has posted over 2000 defamatory comments and tweets, on facebook and twitter. She makes false sexual accusations against this business man. She is being charged with a criminal offense. These are serious allegataions.

Her claims are vindictive in nature and completely false. 

The below images are the false accusations that Ms. Mcloughlin uses. She is dangerous, threatens people making false reports upon them.


This same woman claims that Mr. JT Foxx was her saviour, her Jesus.


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  • 8th Feb, 2019

Another "anonymous" Justin Gorenko aka Jt Foxx,, Thomas Foxx, Justin T Foxx etc, loyalist defends Mr Foxx. My name is Sharon Mcloughlin and yes Mr Foxx has sued me, which I predicted as its a frequently used intimidation tactics used by this self proclaimed Nr 1 fraud and con artist! Here are his own words from his "I LOVE HATERS" blog! Now these haters will claim they have a right to express their opinions and exercise their freedom of speech. This is where my lawyers and I beg to differ. You can say what you want but be prepared to spend $250,000 to defend yourself in court with filings, depositors and a trial. I will spend any amount of money to protect my good name. I am on magazine covers, featured on countless TV and radio interviews and can legitimately say I have created just as many if not more success stories than anyone on this planet. Im not easily intimidated and fortunately I live in Sweden where our laws & justice system is NOTHING like the US justice system, which is shameful and allows people like Mr Justin Gorenko to silence the masses with his continuous threats and lawsuits, leaving a trail of destruction behind him. My Facebook Page is public and me and my team of global experts are EXPOSING JT FOXX (please read my post 10th Dec, this is raw and real)his crimes include SEXUAL HARASSMENT, some courtcases are published on my FB page, the worst ones "havent" been posted yet where Mr Foxx and his entities was taken to court by 8 employees which include countless sexual harassment charges! Racial discrimination and other charges! We also have created a "JT FOXX INFORMATION PAGE" where you can read about this mans reign of terror for the last 15 yrs and there is a top news outlet who have been investigating this story for 8 months! = (The fb post 10th dec) So am I a crazy stalker who is lying? Or am I just a hard working single mom who was raped by deception of nearly $60,000 first, who spoke out about this man on fb to then be raped of my integrity and character assasinated on fb by him and his cult members! I will not be Intimidated by threats or lawsuits and am looking forward to meeting the character in court here in sweden who is suing me for defamation, but in court I will prove he is ALL the things Ive supposidly defamed him for. If he should WIN in court then I will have to pay him a fine of $554 dollars for my crimes! Please follow this story on FB and the JT Foxx Information Page whilst waiting in Anticipation for the Article to drop by the NY Post (owned by 21st Century Fox and Fox News) situated in the News Corp Building 6th Ave, NYC where I had an In House Exclusive Interviewed 7 months ago!